Meditating daily is one of my most powerful habits. I learned how to meditate by doing a 30 day trial in college. Everyday at the same time I would sit in my computer chair with headphones on listening to binaural beats. Hemi Sync Gateway Experience, Brain Sync and Paul Scheele Paraliminals were a few favorites.

When I started, every week it was like I peeled away a new layer of the onion.  I gained access to new levels of awareness. My memory improved. I became calmer. The slides of reality began slowing down.

A gap opened up between the stimulus of the world and my response to it. I was able to choose instead of reacting on autopilot. I found the magic pill from limitless.


I loved the benefits of meditation so much I sought out ways to take the experience to new levels. After hearing Joe Rogan talk about flotation on his podcast I knew I had to try it.

I found out they were around 20k for a tank. Since I couldn’t buy one for myself, but wanted to float daily, I decided I would try to open up a flotation center.


Finding $300k to open a center at 25 with no experience turned out to be difficult. I did the next best thing when I moved to Denver. I got a month of unlimited floating and floated 20 days. As I suspected, the more you float the better the experience gets.

You have to make sure all the variables are right. The tank needs to be the right temperature, you usually have to get the condensation off the ceiling so it doesn’t drip on your face and it takes a while to get used to the strangeness of the tank.


One time I floated for 90 minutes on 50 mcg of LSD. Not something I would recommend if you’re at all weirded out being in the strangeness of the tank.

When I got out I was slowed WAY THE FUCK DOWN. I went shopping at Whole Foods and it was like everyone around me was going 100 mph. Things got stranger when I saw DAVID FUCKING WILCOCK buying groceries with his lady friend.

Especially because I had his new book waiting for me at home.  I said hi and he asked me for a selfie. I thought it was because he knew how famous I was going to be.

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