My first post titled ‘My Experience with Abraham Hicks‘ detailed how I came to find out about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. It covered my initial search and the results I was seeing from my practice.

I got fit, made friends, moved to Colorado, got a jeep, found the love of my life, had a baby, and started earning enough passive income to support my family.

The second part of my journey has been about increasing trust and dialing in positive momentum building habits. The fact that this stuff works is no longer a question to me. Now it has become about increasing my energy and focusing my momentum. About not getting complacent and continuing to plant new seeds.

I’m starting to see the work I’ve put in translate to results in every area of my life.  I’m learning to embrace the cycles. Realizing that desire never stops expanding. It’s easy to forget that the valley days are just as important as the times when you’re zooming. They are when you can rest, let go of responsibilities and integrate all the lessons you’re learning.

I’m deepening my practice, solidifying my habits and increasing the frequency in which I focus on my vision of the future.

As Abraham says “The better it gets, the better it gets”…

Abraham Hicks Family

My first post was exactly one year from today.

That year has flown by, and so much has changed. We feel like a completely different family.  Looking back its easy to see that everything has shifted to a whole new level for us as we continue to refine our practice of these laws.

A big acceleration happened for me after listening to ‘Bentinho’s 2-Hour Challenge‘ for 5 days in a row for ~6 hours a day.  Basically it’s a timer that beeps once every minute. Each time it beeps you try to feel as good as possible.  Not only did I reach new heights in my frequency and awareness, but listening for that amount of time taught me how frequently we can take responsibility for how we feel.

Before this I would practice gratitude and visualization to feel good when I work up and at night before I went to sleep. I would remind myself periodically throughout the day that how I felt mattered and I would try to find the best feeling perspectives when it was obvious I has a choice. Haley and I would go on rampages of appreciation when we felt worry or lack. But now I started automatically tuning into how I felt moment after moment throughout the day.


Abraham Hicks Life Outside

Things have been clicking…

It wasn’t automatic. Haley and I had our share of adjusting. I feel like there is a kind of purging when you change the frequency you are on. Especially if you change rapidly. Friends you have might drop away. Your relationship with your family might change. People you know might begin rejecting you and you might find yourself not being to relate to their point of view.

Things drop away and new things appear.

For example, we moved out of the apartment in classic LOA fashion…

For about 6 months leading up to the end of our lease we began dreaming of new places. We would spend some of our weekdays driving in the mountains looking at houses. We would drive up to homes that we for sale and talk about what we liked and didn’t like about them. We were refining our preferences. We would take the realtor cards on the house from the for sale signs and think about how good it would feel to experience having our favorite features in our new home.

One day we drove up to the perfect home. It had an arch across the drive way like we talked about days before, it was 20 minutes from boulder and it was newly remodeled and beautiful. There was yard space enough for a dog to roam, chickens and a garden.

The next day we had one of Haley friends moms, a realtor, open the house for us and show us around.  We didn’t think about the constraints we just felt as good as possible about the features we liked about the house. We wanted this house more than anything!

We drove back to it 3 days in a row just to experience what it would be like to live there. We explored the neighborhood and felt what it would be like to raise phoenix in the Nederland schools.


It didn’t matter that we were just barely making enough money to support ourselves in the apartment. That the house was $800K and we had no way to buy it and didn’t even have a year of income to secure a loan. We just focused on what we wanted and how excited we were to be living in a place like that without being attached to the outcome. We knew that doors could open that would let us into this place in a day. And if we didn’t get into this exact house then there would be a place we would get into that we’d like even better!

A few months went by. Haley opens a letter from our apartment stating that our lease is up sooner than we realized. This spurred her to go online and look for mountain homes. She found a post from only 3 hours earlier that seemed like a great house in an awesome location. She called the lady and we went and checked it out the next day.

Abraham Hicks New House

She had newly renovated it. There was a shower in the bathroom window, a reverse osmosis filtered drinking spout, lots of space for phoenix, a yard that could roam a dog and some chickens, space for a garden, hell it even had a perfect man-cave/tool shed attached to the house. It was 20 minutes from boulder and 5 minutes from our favorite mountain town Nederland. And that wasn’t even my favorite part. The house was located in an old mining encampment under a dam.  There was access to 11 miles of private trail above an aquifer that supplied boulder with its drinking water and 2 mini mountains I could hike to right behind my house.

The place had a strangely accurate accumulation of all the things Haley and I had been desiring. In an even better location than I could have imagined. Not to mention how beautifully it fell into place for us.

The house was open and ready so we decided to move in a week early. Haley and I had planned to move everything ourselves with Phoenix on our ankles the whole time. We figured we could handle it.

Luckily my Dad and Uncle showed up the night before we were scheduled to get the moving van. Like Angels from heaven sent to assist us. We could have never moved all that stuff without them. It took us two trucks loads and the full day to do it even with their help.


But what was rather strange was the feedback loop that began happening. I’ve come to believe that there is something powerful about places where streams cut though the mountains. We used to drive down the road we now live on whenever we needed to clear our heads. You can feel your energy calm as you enter the mountains.

And now, every night we are sleeping by that very stream under those same mountains that used to help cleanse us. It’s like we raised our frequency, moved ourselves into a new higher frequency house, then the high frequency of the house accelerated us even more. It took us some time to adjust to living here. There is less noise, more quiet. I can’t even get internet to upload videos and continue the work I was doing at the last place.  So that fell away.

It was a bit rocky to start but as we got settled and things have continued to fly. The move has forced a shift my attention to a new business which is growing by the day. It’s cool how our limitations guide us.

I’ve discovered a new focus and dialed in my daily habits.  As a family we eat a Paleo breakfast every morning and spend time together. I rewrite my top 10 goals twice and listen to a podcast episode or two.

After family time I do something active outside. I have a workout shed with kettle bells and a boxing bag. In the front of the house by Phoenix’s sandbox is a slack line and gymnastic rings hanging from a tree. I work out on these for an hour or more or carry Phoenix on a hike.

Law of attraction Hike

After exercising I sit down to meditate for 30 minutes. Usually listening to shaman music and sitting on a meditation pillow in-front of some quarts crystals and a piece of moldavite.

Then I spend the next 3 hours or more on work that’s going to accomplish my goals. Right now it’s reading books on marketing, going through a couple of Andre Chaperon’s courses and rewriting his emails by hand. This time might include building out a product, tweaking my sales funnel or writing emails.

I choose this daily routine on purpose. Everyday I want to get the most important things out of the way before I do anything reactive.  This means eating a healthy meal, spending time with my family, doing something physical, meditating then building my vision.  If I begin missing any one of these things I know I am getting out of balance.

After I’ve exhausted my excitement with what I’m working on or learning it’s usually time for dinner.  Haley and I eat together and talk about our day. Sometimes we’ll turn on a TV show or read a book.  We wind down until Haley and Phoenix go to bed. I catch up with work that needs to be done for my company and attend to emails. I’ll spend an hour or so reading before crawling into bed. In bed I fall asleep imagining my ideal vision I have for my life and feeling gratitude for my journey.

It’s cool to see my circumstances reflect my state of being. All the work Haley and I have been putting in vibrationally is beginning to become apparent in our results. Haley and I get married at the end of July and we have another baby on the way.

Abraham Hicks Baby

I upgraded my Jeep to a Rubicon.

Jeep Rubicon Abraham Hicks

My business is growing and my skill set is growing even faster. I’ve hit all of my prior goals and set new exciting goals for myself I am striving for each day.


Life isn’t perfect. It never will be. There is always something more to be reaching for. The difference now is I realize that. I don’t ever want my desires to stop and I know deep down that things are working out for me. Even when challenges present themselves or something isn’t going smoothly. I recognize that these are signposts pointing me towards more of what I am truly wanting.

I’ve released my grip on how I think the results should turn out and realized that what’s coming for me is beyond anything I can currently imagine. I’ve learned to feel good, let go and trust that life is going to sort it all out. I pursue what I love everyday and spend my time however I feel. I’m experimenting with some things to take my visualization and my life into the next level. To continue to raise my frequency, increase my creativity, and expand into more of what I am wanting.

Slack Line Abraham Hicks

I’ve started helping friends navigate situations in their lives and I’ve seen them find results. More and more I’m realizing the importance of the fundamentals. Finding a daily routine that supports you raising your frequency and focusing your energy in conducive ways. Filling your mind with positive influences and tuning out ideas that do not serve you.

So, that’s the journey so far. Haley and I’s goals are bigger and our preferences are becoming more defined with every passing day. I’ve got some big things I want to create in business and Haley and I are kicking around the idea of spending a year traveling the world. Maybe next years post will be from an exotic island that kicks off the beginning of our journey for new adventures.

Thanks for reading.



Love Travis Abraham hicks

P.s.  I’ve started piecing together a solution for those who are just starting their journey. A solution that I would have benefited from greatly at the beginning of my own journey. My intention is that it’s implantation will help people raise their frequency and focus their energy to live their highest expression of themselves.

I want it to be a step-by-step guide to balancing your habits and automatically activating the experience of whatever reality you want your circumstances to reflect.

First I want to provide people with the strong fundamentals necessary for balance when rising quickly into higher frequencies. These include dialing in your habits as well as ways of thinking about situations that will help you though any hard times.

Once these fundamentals are understood and practices then its time to introduce more advanced techniques and training…

The second part of this program will take a deeper dive down the rabbit hole into experiencing yourself as the one infinite creator of your reality. This is where you further refine your habits and tweak your perception to allow the reality around you to become as fluid as choosing a level on a video game.

If you understand that this stuff works. If you’ve seen some results in your life and want to reach new levels more quickly. This is exactly what you need to take your power as a creator to new levels.

The information I’m talking about is not for everyone. You have to be willing to let go of your old life, leave the island of your past, set sale for an unknown direction and trust that everything is always working out for you.

With great power comes great responsibility. That is why you must find balance as you build this powerful momentum.

To help guide you in finding this balance I will be releasing emails that will help you to dial in your fundamentals. This is part one of the solution and it will be released to you free over the course of a series of emails.

Over the course of these emails I will give you simple practices that will automatically dial in your habits and align your life with your true self.

Once you have integrated these practices into your life you will see concrete changes is your circumstances.  You health will improve, you could find yourself in the perfect relationship, you might start receiving checks in the mail, and there will be a momentum behind your passion that lights a fire under you like never before.

I want to make sure you are integrating these lessons and finding results before refining your practice and diving into the more advanced teachings.

This means witnessing improved health, finding your perfect relationship, having work you love, having freedom to enjoy your days and extra money to spend whatever you desire.

I will be releasing periodic emails to a limited number of people. Being that you’ve read this far, I know you’re serious about applying the Law of Attraction in your life. This has qualified you to be a part of this list and receive these fundamental lessons.

To sign up, simply enter your email in the form below.

Talk soon.



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  • Such a good read! Keep going, never look back, trust and slide down on the path of life <3

  • I keep feeling that some day we will all be working together. So glad to have met you. Your story inspired me to begin my Abraham-Hicks transformational journey. Love and blessings to all of you…

  • Hey Travis… I LOVE your emails… I read your first one and loved it so much that I felt compelled to contact you and let you know – you replied to back to me and I knew that you were someone who I was lucky to be connected to in some way…
    I am now teaching this stuff to very small groups of people here in Australia – I dont advertise as the right people seem to find me every time – I am reminding people that they are magic and about the importance of contrast when creating.. Im absolutely loving it and have recently attracted in a gorgeous home that like you backs onto a forest and is super quiet and serene… My partner and I are also noticing the push and pull of the higher vibrations and the contrast in our own relationship – we go through phases where we cannot get enough of each other and then phases where we are like ‘oh – you again – great…’ LOL…
    I seriously love this stuff and moreso love that I am living a life of deliberate creation. Im very excited to try this audio that you have attached to the email.. I am building a portal at the moment that is going to be a global subscription based site created for the sole purpose of raising the energy of all the members with that being its most important job rather than focusing on the content itself. Id love to put both your emails in it if you would give me permission to do that??
    Anyway – just thought id say hi again – SO nice chatting to other people out there really living a beautiful life and trusting that we are provided for always..
    BIG love to you and your family
    PS – id love to get those emails that you are going to be sending please! Thank you

    • Sayla Kimber
      June 4, 2018 2:26 am

      Kate – where in Australia are you? I’m in Adelaide and don’t know any other Abrahamers – am just adjusting my vibe to attract some – just today discovered Travis’ stuff – interested in knowing more about what you’re doing too?

      • Hi Sayla and Kate I’m an Abrahamer. And huge on all spiritual stuff which includes listening to all the channelers, Bashar, etc… This is also the first time I’ve read Travis’ story. I’m also interested in knowing more about this. Do let me know!!

  • Jessica Willmann
    June 30, 2016 2:25 am

    Can’t wait to receive these emails! 🙂

  • Hi! I’ve been following your Abe journey and am thrilled at the successes you’ve received as a result. I’d love to know how you did it step-by-step so that I can use the magic myself. Please include me in your e-mail list. Thanks a ton 🙂

  • Loved your story. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Hi there Travis!

    It is a delight to read this “part 2”, you’ve experienced amazing stuff this year and I am so happy for you and Haley and Phoenix. Thank you so much for sharing! I signed up for your LOA emails! I relate to you, we seem to have a lot of teachers etc. in common and the way you come to conclusions right now, is exactly what I am finding out and experiencing. Even working on a career and learning marketing hahaha, well, alignment it is!

    I read on your YouTube about this part 2 blog, so I had to read it. Amazing! I am glad I did! And you know what is so funny? I live in the Netherlands and in Dutch my country is called “Nederland”, no kidding 😉

    Have a beautiful day, sweet friend! I am about to go to bed as it is past midnight already after a long and very humid and warm day here… how lovely the evening is right now, cooling down…. life is wonderful!

    Much Love,

  • I would love to receive e-mail to dial in my fundamentals. I listened to your session with Abraham about your 30 day commitment. I have combined several 30 day commitment sessions from youtube to start my own 30 day commitment to withdraw from reality and to explore the recesses and resources of my true self (vortex). I know that I am meant to create my own reality as I want it to be. Ive dabbled and messed around with doing that. Now I am dialed in to do it as a way of life. Thank you for your inspiring blog!! Christina

  • Vincent Brown
    October 13, 2016 3:37 pm

    This was so awesome Travis, I am really encourage!!!I’ve been listening to Abraham for about a year now and I’m really really getting it now and this story has helped me raised my beliefs and my vibration!!! I wish you, Haley and Phoenix the best life that you all can imagine

  • These words feel authentic and powerful thank you

  • Susanne Jensen
    December 17, 2016 8:42 am

    Hej Travis Eric!

    Jag är helt övertygad om att din sida kom till mig för jag ska ta mig vidare i hur jag på bästa sätt kan medvetet skapa mitt liv!

    Jag heter Susanne Jensen och jag bor i Sverige i en stad som heter Malmö. Hela mitt liv har jag sökt meningen med mitt liv och idag vet jag och känner jag att allt är möjligt och i det sker magi!
    Jag läste böckerna Abrahamn- Hicks för många år sedan men då förstod jag väldigt lite av Attraktionslagen men jag har idag mera klarhet i vem jag är och i vem jag vill vara.

    Jag är beredd och har klarhet i att jag är så villig att släppa allt i mitt gamla liv för att skapa min tavla medvetet, jag är redo och jag vet att jag är precis där jag ska vara.
    Jag blev så glad och tacksam över din sida med som är översatt till svenska så jag på ett bättre sätt kan få Guide i hur jag på bästa sätt kan växa som människa och finna min själ som alltid är kärlek i allt jag är och vill vara.

    Jag har klickat på jag vill få lektioner i via e-post och jag ska nu gå in och bekräfta att jag är med. Jag känner att detta är viktigt för mig och för världen med vår kontakt både med att jag genom dig kan få verktyg med hur jag på bästa sätt kan utveckla mig medvetet, att skapa mitt liv.

    Med vänliga hälsningar
    Susanne Jensen

  • Theresa Romero
    January 19, 2017 10:06 pm

    Very inspiring and fun to read.

  • Norman Moloney
    January 22, 2017 8:04 pm

    Super stuff. I won’t be subscribing only because I have so much but I should like you to know that when I’m browsing should I find something posted by Travis Eric it takes my attention. And your apartment looks wonderful. And it’s Colorado. For you, where else could it be?

  • Isaura Flores Mashiko
    February 9, 2017 1:38 pm

    Dear Travis, I was something to listen about Abraham Hicks and it happens to be one of your videos in YouTube. I started reading your experience with them and I felt really touched…
    I don’t have money to pay for your lessons…sorry. I’ve been living in Japan for about 30 years, and I was really doing well but since the Tsunami I lost my job and I couldn’t get anything else anymore…I’m already 69, so, no chance!
    I just wanted to express my gratitude for your sharing…thanks to people like you I can enjoy the Abraham teachings ,,,in parts….but it’s better that nothing, and also I wanted to say Congratulations for your new baby, she’s so cute!
    Very happy to hear stories like this…

  • Pure magic wow so inspired and looking forward to the beautiful unfolding of it all!!!
    Thanks so very much for being all that you are and all that you do, you and your family and your entire story is just beautiful!!!!
    Wishing you all of the best always ( except for a little contrast of course, wink )
    Your channel is our fave!!! Keep it flowing 😉
    Love Light Laughter & Lipgloss,
    Jamie J

  • I have enjoyed reading every bit of your story, I really appreciate you sharing this with all. feeling inspired and blessed..many thanx
    Looking fwd to the emails ☺

    December 13, 2017 6:51 pm

    I’m in my ” selective or less thinking” mode now. I’m trying to perfect this craft. Makes me more calm and happy.

    Thank you for your story. Its very surreal. Looking forward on your emails.
    See yah!

  • Thank you for this- I listen to Abraham-Hicks too but it’s these real life, easy to feel, touch and be inspired by stories that help to truly feel LOA in action. The cooperative components you experienced are insane- love this- so inspired

  • i love your story! Thank you – I am at the beginning of my expansion and love your inspiration and wisdom. xo

  • Thank you very much for sharing your experience. It was very important for me to see it confirming the saying of Abraham-Hicks and my believes. I struggling a bit because I am the only one I knew so far that talks about life in this way, to get into it I went trough A LOT OF PAIN… every time I felt something I was so judged that I just couldn’t continue…. then life started to show me things, which I didn’t want or couldn’t see…. but the msgs came slowly until it reached Abraham-Hicks, that speaks so easily to understand about it…. I feel the attraction… but I fear being crazy…

    Without doubts you donating some of your time to write your experiences is a kind of bless and signal to those in search of answers.

    I am definitely waiting for the emails

  • How so very amazing, inspirational, powerful and very beautiful Thank you so much for sharing! I really do look forward to the emails! Love and blessings to you and your lovely family. 💖💖

  • Thank you for sharing your journey and experience with us! All the best as you continue to ‘evolve’ your life 🙂

  • YOU’re a pain in the ass. I don’t care about your story. You are not Abraham and I don’t want to buy anything from you. You are interfering with my enjoyment of Abraham.

  • This post and the one before it were right there in my vortex. How about that!

  • Jacquelyn Brubacher
    February 20, 2020 7:07 am

    great read, thank you for experiencing, practicing, sharing, inspiring, teaching, <3 <3 <3

  • Emily Penton
    April 4, 2020 11:30 pm

    🙏🏼Thank you for this! I FELT every word of this! I can’t wait to continue to learn. I was made for this way of thinking!

  • Awesome… and THANKYOU
    Love❤&☀️Light, Nicki in sunny South Australia x

  • Travis
    I never had such a feeling of rising within myself from reading someone’s story. Life is limitless and infinite. Excited to begin this journey.
    With much gratitude 🤗
    Mary Z

  • Hi Travis, i have seen those Abraham Rampage before,but it is first today I looked who had this I now has read your stories , are very inspiring. I have been doing it myself but not as much as you. But I found out that it is necessary to really do it.And know matter what others thinking even your Husbands/wife think,if you are drawing to it you are ready to go for it. My husband think I was a bit crazy because I trusted this,but now he admit that it’s not.🤗😇 everything is always working out for me. Much love for you and your family
    Ps. I’m from Denmark

  • Really value and appreciate your candid and detailed point of view of the LOA; it’s beautiful and concise and such a great story! Thank you for being so open and sharing.

  • Looking forward to your emails! 🙂


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