Abraham Hicks Experience Part 3

Let’s see… where were we…

In the last post Abraham Hicks – Part Two Haley and I were just getting moved into our new house, we were expecting our second baby (a girl) and we laid out a few of the habits I try to adhere to. I wrote that post year ago on June 22, 2016. Today is the 12th of June, 2017.  Funny how I always feel like sitting down to write these at the same time every year.

We’ve been in this house for over a year!

Wow…actually a ton has happened…

Haley and I got married!!

3 bigWe Honeymooned in Hawaii

hawaiiWe got a puppy

6b - puppyWe Visited Chicago

6.5B ChichagoI closed New York stock exchange with Tim Ferriss

7b tim ferrissShoveled some snow

7-5b shBecame more familiar with plant medicines

8bb more firmiliar with plant medicinesMeditated

9b MeditatedHad a Daughter!! Before she was pregnant Haley had a dream that we had a daughter and named her Liberty. So we named her Liberty 🙂

10b1 had a daughter10-2b10-3bWe Snuggled

11b we snuggled

Sage got bigger

11-2 sage got biggerHaley’s working on new business ideas

12b Haley's working on some new business ideasI’m working on new business ideas

13b im working on some awesome business ideas

Adding another kid raises the difficulty level a little bit. But we also go into it with more experience.

Life never hands you something you’re not ready for. The kids are a blast. It’s amazing that Haley and I get to raise them in the mountains and stay home with them every day. The steams of income I built under ant hive media have continued to supply us with ‘checks in the mail’ every month, despite leaving them completely alone since before Liberty was born.

That passive income covers our living expenses and allows me to invest a little in growing new ideas Haley and I have for giving MORE value to the world.

Haley is really passionate about helping women and especially about connecting mothers. She has started writing a book helping women capture more moments in their lives as their kids grow up and she’s also hired out an app developer to start coding her first app to help mothers share wisdom with each other.

I’m learning as much as possible about building businesses, scaling them, hiring the right people, legal stuff, and pretty much everything there is to know about starting, running and scaling businesses. I really want to help people find financial freedom for themselves. I just pivoted my writing team to create quick read guides on every topic you could want that has to do with Entrepreneurship and growing a business or brand from scratch. The plan is to create a suite of books you can read in under 30 minutes, all following a framework of teaching you step-by-step everything you need to know to grow a business or brand from $0 to $100k per month in passive income with a shoe string budget.

I believe that I have discovered an order to that process. And I intend on teaching everyone who wants to spend their time getting paid to do what they love with their lives. So more people can break out of the rat-race and find true financial freedom.  That’s the dream. You can find the books by searching Entrepreneur Encyclopedia on Amazon. I have some really cool ideas in store for the company.

In up and coming news…

This weekend my parents are moving to Colorado from Wisconsin. They got a house just an hour away from us.  It will seriously be so nice having them around. They love the kids so much and will really enjoy being closer to them as they grow up. Haley and I will also get some more time to work on our projects and have dates nights. We absolutely love having kids and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world…but…I sure do miss having some time to myself once and awhile.

On the wisdom side of things…I’ve been listening to a ton of audio books…and podcasts… like an insane amount. I’ve been enjoying Gaia.com programming for TV. Masters of Scale Podcast by Reid Hoffman. I’m reading a ton of books. I’m really beginning to enjoy the Buddhist teachings more and more. Teachers like Jack Kornfield and Pema Chodron. They give us a practical reminder on how we can go through life in the ways advocated by Abraham.

It’s easy to say ‘follow your joy’ but the Buddhist monks have brought down knowledge from the hills on how to be mindful of yourself, forgiving of yourself, how to deal with difficult emotions and how to reach for that highest version of yourself.

I love how each level unlocks new doors that require new skills to open and each stage calls those skills forth from you. I’ve found some awesome tools and perspectives. I’m having so much run raising a family and taking care of my yard. I planted my second garden. The ideas I have for this business are the best ones I’ve had yet. I love where I live! I got an awesome mountain bike and there is a group I go riding the hills around Nederland and Boulder every Tuesday. I almost caught a fish with a fly rod in the stream behind my house. Liberty is going to crawl soon and Nix is starting to say partial sentences we can mostly understand.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year… I have a feeling it’s going to epic.

Remember… Choose Love

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