My Law Of Attraction Experience

I came to the Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction material after years of reading non-fiction books trying to find ways to get the most out of life. The deeper I got the more it all started to say the same thing. Everything is energy. The external world is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. And you have absolute power to create the life you want.

Abraham Hicks does the best job of summing it all up in the easiest to understand way. ie. It matters how you feel. How you feel lets your know if your connected to the flow of everything you want.  To your highest self. It makes you realize how important your vibration is.

My goal became to raise my vibration as much as I could. My first steps were to stop gossiping, stop talking bad about or judging people, send people love instead. I experimented with my diet and started exercising. I tried many different ways of eating. Being as active physically as I am I eventually found the paleo diet to fit me best.

I started a ‘Vibration board’ where I would pin up sayings that kept me in high vibration. It helped me to not ‘doubt in the dark what I knew to be true in the light.’

Vibration Board
The next thing I added was meditation. I would meditate every day using binaural beats like Brain Sync with stereo headphones. This is when I started seeing strange things happen. My world slowed down. I took in more information. A gap widened between any stimulus and my response. It gave me more choice. I started choosing more things that made me feel good, that were good energy.

Since then my life has been the demonstration. It started out with smaller things. One day I was walking in the woods after meditating and before class. I was listening to Stuart Wilde and he mentioned the Bhagavad Gita. I had a deep desire to acquire that book. Like YES I want to read this!

I kept following my impulses. I went early to class. Stopped to eat where I usually wouldn’t. Took a different route than I usually did. And as I was walking through a large field of people a man walked up to me and handed me…the Bhagavad Gita.


I got Shivers. He was a traveling Buddhist monk. I took this picture October 2010. That was one of the first things that solidified for me that the Law of Attraction is for real. We really do create our reality. We really are all magic wizards…

Does the Law of Attraction Work?

I tested the Law of Attraction. I realized from experience how powerful it is. I saw that what you give away comes back to you. I trusted it.

One time I had a couple dollars in my wallet and not much more than that to my name. Someone came up to me and asked for money and I gave it to them. Then later in the night I found a $10 bill sitting on the ground.  If I kept my vibration high and just followed whatever I felt like doing, wherever I felt like going the best I could, things just started unfolding beautifully for me. I kept on diving in.

Travis Eric dive in - Abraham Hicks
I would seriously just listen to my inner guidance and walk. Or do whatever I had the impulse to do. Bashar says ‘follow your highest excitement in every moment.’ He says ‘abundance is having everything you need WHEN you need it.’ That helped me see my life as already abundant. I didn’t have a lot of money. Or even enough to pay the rent or eat it would seem like at times. But I would just trust and sure enough it would be there when I needed it.

I started having the belief that the universe supported me. That everything was always working out for me. Anything that happened I knew was leading me to more understanding. Even the most difficult things I would know that ‘this too will pass’ and I would be a stronger person because of it. The contrast would lead me to more of those things I truly wanted but might not have the perspective to realize it at the time.

I started realizing the whole ‘everything is now’ ‘be in the now’ ‘all you have is now.’ I saw myself sacrifice my health and my relationships to play online poker. I saw so many people stuck in a job they hate because of some carrot they think they’ll get 3 years from now. I realized there is no three years from now.

I would no longer sacrifice how I felt now for what I might get later. Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction helped me realize that to get what you wanted later you had to have the feeling of it NOW. Be happy now regardless of the conditions and the conditions will change to reflect your happiness. It’s the journey you’ll enjoy much more than any destination.

Travis Eric Journey - Abraham Hicks

As I was dialing in my mindset and health I knew the next step was my relationships. I was very shy when first meeting people. I have a strange sense of humor and I felt awkward. I didn’t even like calling the pizza man to order a pizza for fear he would judge me if I messed up what I wanted. But I’d recently broken up with a girlfriend of 7 years and it was time to get into the dating world.

I felt that in order to attract an amazing girl (or friends) in my life I would have to overcome shyness, make new friends easily and become the best version of myself possible. I ate clean, exercised and meditated daily, felt good consistently and maintained as high a vibration as possible.

I wanted to have choices in who I dated rather than feeling stuck with someone because I was scared I couldn’t find anyone else. I started introducing myself to strangers. I kept doing it until it was no longer awkward. Until I could easily find things to talk about.

The Law of Attraction Kept Working

I got a job in a bar. Well, the job seemed to get me. My life seemed to unfold with so much beautiful synchronicity. Following through on one impulse would lead to the next which would open up another opportunity.

Working at a bar was in perfect alignment with my intentions to make more friends.  I was continually exposed to new people. It was just a few months before that I decided what group of friends I wanted to be a part of and now found myself in that exact group of friends.

Travis Attracting Friends - Does the Law of Attraction work?Each new experience would give desire to new preferences. Just like Abraham Hicks would say. I was dating more and learning what I wanted out of a relationship. I would date one person and she would show me 5 things I loved in a partner and a few I did not want. The next person would do the same. Each person would seem to teach me what I needed at the time giving me a more clear vision of what I wanted.

Life was good. My friend circle was in place. I had the kinds of relationships I wanted at the time. Everything was working out for me. But as always, I was brought to new desire. I realized the importance of having close friends you can depend on rather than having hundreds of acquaintances or bring popular. I had the desire for that one amazing woman who would line up with me in all areas of importance rather than many girlfriends. I wanted to date someone who understood that we are all magical wizards.

More Law Of Attraction Experiences

I realized that life was like a cup for me. If I emptied it out it would fill in with the new things I wanted. I began to trust it at this point. I had lost everything before. Emptied my cup and it refilled with all the new things I wanted. It was time to empty my cup again.

I took a month long road trip exploring Colorado and mountain biking in Moab. Two things I knew from that trip. I had to move to Colorado and I wanted a Jeep to take on the off road trails of Moab.

Travis Biking in Moab 2013 - Abraham Hicks

When I got back to Milwaukee I was at the bar sitting with a friend. I didn’t know him real well but we played hockey together and went golfing a couple times. In conversation he said “I’m moving to Colorado my lease is up in august.” so I said…”I’m moving to Colorado MY lease is up in august.” I had a roommate.

One of my favorite things in Milwaukee was a running trail next to the Milwaukee River. I would do 8 mile loops a couple times a week. Fancy that, the house my roommate found was right next to a river in Denver with a similar running trail. Of course it was…

I was listening to Abraham Hicks pretty much every day at this point. I didn’t have a job in Denver and I didn’t want to get one. I was meditating, eating right, working out in a park everyday and I stopped drinking. My vibe was on point. I was doing some internet things that paid me a little and I made ends meet.

Money always seemed to be there when I needed it. I saw it like the story behind ‘why’ money came was the illusion I needed to allow it to show up and still fit into my reality. But that the money would always be there when I needed it. Only the story would be different. But I still wanted a story with some extra money.

How to Attract More Money?

Life seems to work slowly when you’re wanting something and quickly when you look back on it. I wanted a group of friends, I got it. I wanted a certain kind of relationship, I got it. I wanted to be in Denver, I moved there. I wanted a Jeep I could take on the trails of Moab and 4 months later I had one!

Travis Eric - I manifested a Jeep!

And the week after I got the Jeep I just so happened to have a camping trip planned in Moab… Another beautiful reminder of how the law of attraction, the universe, lines everything up for you.

Travis Eric in Moab - Abraham Hicks law of attraction experience manifesting

The internet things I was building were slow going. I didn’t like sitting in the house alone anymore and wanted to start working with people. Some days instead of ‘doing anything productive’ I would just lay in bed and feel good. I’m thinking if this Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction thing is real…then this is the real work.

I’d just feel the best I could and do only what I was excited about doing. I’d just cuddle in a ball of joy on my bed and visualize myself living the life I wanted. Starting general then feeling into the details of all the different life areas as if I was there, now. Feeling as good as possible.

But eventually not having money spit me out.  It was time to change things up. I didn’t like working alone everyday. I wanted to work with people, make some new friends, gain experience, get out of the house and have some spending money. It was time to try out a job.

Travis Eric Job Swag - law of attraction experience manifesting Abraham Hicks

I put my application on some job boards and was contacted shortly after by a local sales company. I got an interview. The interview lead to an all day job shadow. After the job shadow I knew I got the job but they were going to call and tell me for sure that night. On the drive home I was talking to my mother and decided not to take the job. To keep looking for something else.

I hung up the phone and a mentor I had in Milwaukee called me out of nowhere. We had not talked in months. He said he always thought this was the kind of job I should get. Commission sales would teach me more than anything else. I changed my mind and when the job called right after I got off the phone I accepted it.
law of attraction experience manifesting - Abraham Hicks

That job taught me I was indeed good at sales. It improved my social skills, let me practice pubic speaking and got me in front of small business owners everyday. I took new hires on interviews of my own and got my first teammate. Her name was Haley. I wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time but she was awesome. Pretty, smart, willing to work on herself, and she understood the Abraham Hicks material. We clicked.
law of attraction experience manifesting - Abraham Hicks

Initially I was dedicated to the job. I thought she was awesome and could tell she dug me but I wanted to improve ‘professionally.’ She was on my team and it would be bad form to take it any further than friendship. That’s when the job started spitting me out. They stopped letting me do the public speaking, some people in the office were being super douchey. The job stopped being fun.

The Law Of Attraction Strikes Again

One thing led to another and Haley and I started seeing each other. We both quit the job. That’s when things really started to speed up. After about a week of seeing each other, Colorado legalized marijuana and we decide to visit a dispensary and try some edible mints. Our excitement then lead us to a crystal shop. There was a mystic there named IxChel and we decided to get a reading.

We walked in and she immediately goes ‘Oh you guys were married in a past life.’ She told us we would have gifted children. I’m thinking, this is awkward we practically just met. She went on to touch on nearly everything Haley and I had been talking about at the time.

She also told me I would be a millionaire, maybe even a billionaire. I have big dreams but maybe this ladies just really good at telling us what we wanted to hear. Maybe the mints got us feelin’ spacey. It felt real enough. Zoom forward a month and one blood moon later…

Haley the Night of the Blood Moon - Abraham Hicks - law of attraction experience manifesting
Haley the Night of the Blood Moon


We go back to see IxChel. She’s spot on about everything again. Then IxChel says ‘You need to be careful about being pregnant, you’re very fertile.’ We look at each other like…uh… Haley says ‘I’m late on my period actually.’ IxChel shuffles the deck and consults with the spirits. She says ‘I hope I’m wrong but I think you’re pregnant, you’d better check.’

We leave somewhat stunned. Haley’s a bit panicked. We talk about that one time on the blood moon… I’m thinking it’s set in the stars. Haley goes into Walgreens. We go home. She takes the test. It’s negative. She takes the test again. Negative. She’s thinking she’s not pregnant. I’m pretty sure it’s too early and the test is wrong. A few days later she takes another test. Sure enough, she’s pregnant. IxChel knew before the tests did.

Haleys Pregnant - Abraham Hicks law of attraction experience manifesting

We went back a couple months later and IxChel told us the baby was a boy. As well as bringing clarity to everything else that were hot topics in our lives at the time. Haley’s not sure if it’s true, I start coming up with boy names. We later find out that…it’s a boy. We named him Phoenix. A name found through another interesting story of synchronicity I’ll save for a different day.

(P.S. IxChel is the real deal, if you want a reading from her you can book one online at her website. Book now before she starts charging $1000/hour.)

law of attraction experience manifesting

At this point everyone was telling me I needed to get a job. They were afraid we wouldn’t be able to support Phoenix or ourselves. They didn’t think my internet stuff would ever work. Haley’s grandma actually said I should get a job washing dishes and work my way up…

Like that would ever get rid of the 80k in student loan debt I have… I knew they couldn’t understand. I knew I wouldn’t be happy trading my time for money, and I knew if I just keep following my highest excitement everything would CONTINUE to work out for me, for us 🙂

Travis Eric Jeep Winter - Abraham Hicks law of attraction experience manifesting

Zoom forward to today. Haley and I moved into the most perfect place for us right now. Closer to boulder. My favorite city. We’ve been to an Abraham Hicks workshop and listen almost daily. We have the most amazing 7 month old son named Phoenix. There is a playground for him right outside our window. A pool he has fun swimming in. We have a beautiful home with everything we need.

Travis Eric and Phoenix - Abraham Hicks

The apartment we’re in has a giant field. Which ended up being perfect for the quadcopter hobby I got involved in after we moved here. My internet things started clicking. I get to stay home with my son. We get to go hiking or swimming everyday if we want.

When Phoenix is sleeping or playing I stand at my desk and work on the projects I want to see in the world. Haley has a job at a Montessori school which is perfect for learning how to teach Phoenix as he grows up. And Phoenix and I get to visit her on her lunch breaks!

Haley Anne and Travis Eric - Abraham Hicks law of attraction experience manifesting

The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets!

The more I’ve learned to trust the more quickly thoughts seem to turn to things. I see clearly now how directly a reflection the physical world is of what I have going on with me. If I have some off momentum, if I get sped up too fast and away from harmony, my world starts to become more chaotic. Things will literally break around me.

As I stay in alignment. As I reach for better feeling thoughts. As I focus on ‘only’ the things I want to expand. More and more my life unfolds in the most beautiful ways. Way better than if I would have been able to pick logically. I’m really starting to get good at this, maintaining my high vibration.

I can also notice the ‘vibration’ of other people. I see how what they are thinking and the choices they are making are contributing to the disk they are flying on. How that disk has become their life experience and is creating the events around them. I love building my life on this foundation. I’m excited to teach this way of being to my son and continue to live it with my family.

Travis Eric and Phoenix Berg - Abraham Hicks law of attraction experience manifesting

I’m super grateful for finding this path. I LOVE how my life is unfolding. I’m sooo happy for where I am. I’m soo excited for where I’m going. It’s great how simple Abraham Hicks makes this message. I love the insights I have come to. I love being able to share this message with other people and hear how much its helped them in their lives. It’s so cool to see the world turning to love and light.

I love knowing that I can’t get it wrong and I’ll never get it done. I love feeling good. I love being in the vortex. I love knowing that things are always working out for me. It’s so great finding other people who are on this path. I love how active the state of Colorado is. I love having the freedom to spend time with my Son. I love Haley and how amazing she is. I love that we found each other. I love our story. I love what is unfolding.

I love understanding that the shift is vibrational. And that the law of attraction is demonstrating that shift.

There is great love here for you.

And as always I remain, incomplete.

Travis eric hikes with phoenix - Abraham Hicks law of attraction experience manifesting

Love & Light,




**Update**  Abraham Hicks Experience Part 2


P.S. We have 48 days of Vlogs uploaded if you want to see exactly what our day-to-day life is like you can watch them here.


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  • Phoenix is a blessed and lucky child to have parents who have Warm Regard, and Affection,

    and Love for one another, and who have a growing understanding for creating unfolding

    Aliveness and Wellbeing and Love in the World.

    Synchronicity led to our meeting one another, Travis. I am grateful for this telling of your story.

    It is proof and evidence of our unfolding better Selves. Travis, thank you very much…wow.

    Warm regard…love…blessings…Melanie

    “let yourself be silently drawn by the gentle pull of what you really love” -Rumi

    “the best way to know God is to love many things” -Van Gogh

    “name all the things you love” -Jean Houston

    • Thank you for the kind words Melanie!

    • Love it ! Love it! Love it! Abe rocks, , our inner being rock, we all rock. My life is really fantastic since I understood how the universe works. Thank you for writing that down because I can’t really tell people around me, they think I am weird when I start explaining that to them …I am fine with that though, and they do not understand why I am always SO LUCKY (that is what they say). Funny right 🙂

  • Hey Travis!
    Nothing feels better than clarity. The vibrational shift is so real and me writing this comment is a great example. I just turned 23 and I’ve only read a few blogs, this being the only one I have ever commented on. Our stories are astonishingly similar, and I resonate with it. I think the Abraham material has caused us to align to who we really are. I would love to chat with you regarding the Flotation therapy, since I am in the process of allowing all of the cooperative components to come together for my approach to the industry. Anyway, send me an e-mail sometime, I’m very confident that we can both help each other get more of what we want while on the flying disk so often. 🙂


  • This made me happy <3

  • Awesome! I love when I discover people that know about Abraham Hicks! 😀
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories!

  • Thank you for sharing. I love reading your experiences. I am too coming into the knowing of “Love is all you need.” Reading your experiences is definitely inspiring. Perfect timing as always.
    Ever appreciative of Esther and Jerry and Abraham for repeatedly sharing the basics.
    For years my mantra has been – Make being HAPPY a priority. Only recently the penny has dropped for me. Seeing the world thru eyes of source is truly amazing.
    I have found my kids teach me how to live life the Abraham/LOA way more than I can teach them. I love how Abraham says get out of your kids way.
    Your son is amazingly lucky to have enlightened parents.
    Here’s to rendezvousing with you on the high flying disk.

    • That’s great to hear Seema. I am always surprised by the perfection in the timing. As long as you let it unfold everything works out soo cool. Phoenix teaches me so much already, I’m so excited for more.

      See you in the vortex! 🙂


  • LOVE this unfolding. Thanx for sharing Travis. Also, thanx for the awesome YouTube Abe’s – I much appreciate you and who you are! Best and continued unfolding awesomeness!!!

  • I literally shed a tear while reading this. Thank you for sharing. Stories like yours give me encouragement to trust in the universe and continue to follow my joy. One Love!

  • Awesome! Reading your story gave me goosebumps as this sounds so much like my life! This was such as inspiration for me. Watch out world here I come! Thanks for sharing your story Travis.

  • Travis, I was drawn to you. I love that you family has come together because of Abraham. I love his teachings and the Sara books by Jerry and Ester. I was actually drawn to a necklace of an owl before the Sara books came to me and know now why that is so. I wish you and yours well.

  • Hi Travis! Your little Phoenix is adorable and you have the most beautiful family! I just needed to hear your story.
    As much as I have done amazingly lately and allowed lots of things on my personal journey, I can see how my relationship with my oldest son is not that great. He is almost 11 now, and I am too directive with him. Seeing baby Phoenix reminded me how my Gabriel was, how he is such a great boy and how I just should have much more fun with him that nagging all the time about cleaning his bedroom!
    So thank you Travis, I know I attracted your amazing example into my life, at the perfect moment. As Abraham says, words don’t teach, but your life is definitely a great lesson!
    Lots of love to you and your loved ones!

    • Ha. I’m glad my story could help. Thank you for the kind words. I’m at the beginning of my journey as a father. I can tell there is many obstacles to come. It’s not always easy being present for ourselves much less having the awareness to show compassion at most times for our kids. I hope I can keep things fun for phoenix. Thanks for being a reminder for me 🙂

      Thank you Thank you for your note,


  • Hi Travis. I just discovered your site through one of the Abe videos you posted on YT. Thank you for the videos and thank you for your site. Just by reading your 17 Steps to Manliness, I have experience the shift in vibration that I have been trying to achieve. You are so wise for someone so young. Thank you for your wisdom and your youthful perspective. I am 56 years old, and I wish I had been so wise when I was your age.


    • Wow. I’m glad my writing could help. Thank you for the kind words Robert. It’s never too late to live with happiness! Grateful you found this information and its helping you in your life.



  • Travis you story is amazing, inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for sharing. You have a gift of making others feel all is ok in their world and to remember to trust. Your life is a beautiful example of that. Continue being you and sharing your stories with the world. My love to you and your family.


  • Hi Tavis, your story is so inspiring and just what I need right now!! Of course it’s the law of attraction in action. I just had a cool creation experience last night, to others it seems like a simple coincidence but I know that I really am a wizard and that I created it!! I wish you a wonderful life and I know that mine is finally starting to take off because I’m finally starting to allow myself to be happy and feel worthy of it, the rest will just be smooth sailing!!

    • So awesome. Glad my experience could help. I started seeing those ‘simple coincidences’ as signs from myself I was going in the right direction 🙂 They become fun to see and appear everywhere. Livin’s easy. Keep on upping the vibration on those wizard powers. You are beyond worthy.

  • Wow! read your story and truly must thank you/universe for its divine timing. I AM at a very good place obviously because I had been asking for the guidance to release so many emotions that recently surfaced as physical illness. Your journey has inspired me to let go of many feelings. Abraham Hicks has been such a blessing thus far and after seeing the video you posted, I understand why I hadn’t seen it. I enjoyed the story immensely. Thank you.

    • I appreciate your kind words. Very glad the story found in a time where you could truly benefit. You are very welcome. Abe rocks!

      To the vortex and beyond!


  • Thank you for sharing your story it gives me such joy reading this! I found Abraham 316 days ago and I have become a happy, calm, guidance-trusting person ever since. I begged God for guidance and answers and I was led to Abraham with a series of miracles. One of them was when I had just discovered Abraham in Internet and went to local grocery store where only a handful of books are sold. There I found “The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham“. When I had read the book I went back and wanted to buy it for my friends, but it was sold out. Then I discovered that they sell only new releases, but this book was published 6 years ago in our country. How did this book get there?!!! A couple of weeks later after I had read Jerry telling about the Napoleon Hill’s book, I thought I want to read this book also. I was not looking for it, but I went to local library to see if they have Abraham Hicks books (they all sold out, so I was hoping I find one in library) and found “The Vortex Where The Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships” and next to it, literally next to it, was Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich”. These are only 2 of the tens of amazing synchronicity incidents I have experienced since discovering Abraham. Yesterday I thought that I would like to hear about someone living the teachings of Abraham and here You are! I found you when I got up 5:55 this morning and saw your link in YouTube when I was looking for my daily Abraham inspiration. Thank you so much! I send You and Your family great love! I know that there are amazing fulfillments of your dreams coming your way. The big one coming very soon. Kairi form Estonia

    • They you so much for the kind words and sharing your experience. I’m glad my story could serve as an example for you. Its so fun having life unfold with synchronicity like that. You are on an amazing path 🙂 Blessings to you and I wish you the best on your journey.


  • Far out….that is one amazing radical light filled story that I have thoroughly enjoyed while basking in the warm sun after a surf! What a testament to following your bliss. I don’t know if you found a job or not but I have to share this after reading a line in your book , hehe. Maybe this is one of the reasons I read it…”www.why trade time for money. Com” Won’t allow link for some reason so just put that sentence in as a link if you feel like you want to…and get back to me if you want…

    • Thank you for your unique uplifting comments. I’m excited that you enjoyed my story 🙂 Thank you for reading and posting. Surfing is the next thing I need to learn how to do 🙂

      That link did a great job of summing up how I feel about creating wealth. I agree with Brian Tracy when he says its never been easier. I feel like I’m finding ways I don’t see many other people doing right now. I’m really happy with it so far. Everything is working out really well for me. Thanks for the link, always looking to expand.

      • Super cool and yes surfing…so great..I didn’t start till I was 44…living in Australia now from California originally…found a man who is a very keen surfer…he taught me…I get scared..but I love it…peace to you.

    • Zuell O'Farrell
      August 4, 2015 11:13 pm

      Thanks for your info, Travis. I found Abraham about 3 months ago, an am so excited. Seeing how it has affected someone over the years, makes it even more exciting. also, I went to the website suggested by Colleen, and watched the video. It refers me back to the one who sent me to get more information. I do not have her email address, so I was hoping to get you to contact her and ask her to contact me to give me info.
      Zuell O’Farrell

      • So awesome you found Abe. I’m glad you found my story. I can share in your excitement. I’m not sure about Colleen. I don’t know who that is.

  • Thank You Travis,,,,, I did find it very very helpful ,,,,,,,,,,

  • Phoenix is gorgeous! What a great kid. This renews my faith 🙂

  • Really appreciated your story. MOST importantly, thank you for turning me onto brain sync. It’s what I needed and been looking for. Will continue to seek out your A-H posts et al.


  • I have been following Abraham for some time now, but I’ve never heard a story quite as lovely and honest and true and delicious as yours. I stand in amazement and honor your place in time. Thank you for being so vulnerable and open. I love you guys…and I don’t even know you. Blessings!

  • Hi Travis, I too listen to Abraham everyday, I have a list of my favorites in my YouTube folders and go there automatically. Lately, I have been having a difficult time and decided to let the universe pick what I needed to hear instead of going straight to my folder. I don’t remember what video it was, but I just choose the first one that came up. That video had a link to your story which I pressed and then went back to listen to the video and forgot about your story. Well a few days have passed and Im still having a hard time and can’t shake this defeated feeling. So I opened up safari on my phone to search for something to help and there’s your story. The universe does work in perfect syncnocity because your story was exactly what I needed. I saved it to my favorites so I have it handy when I need it to inspire me. Thank you for sharing and helping me return to the path. BTW your baby is beautiful.

    • I’m so glad my story could be a stepping stone for you 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the kind words. You are on a good path.

  • Such a wonderful example of how the Abraham teachings work. I am blessed everytime I see an example like yours at how simple and easy and consistent their teachings are. I stand amazed at the miracle of it all. Thank you for sharing your story with us. How fortunate you are to have found this truth at such a young age. I look forward to following you!

    • The teachings are great and they work! The beauty leaves me breathless. Thanks for your comments. I’m thrilled you enjoyed my story. Happy to have you watching it unfold.

  • Many thanks for sharing Travis, such an inspiring and encouraging story And a very special thank you for your Abraham Hicks You Tube videos. I listen to them every day. 😀

  • what a nice story, inspires me to want to change, raise my vibration and start drawing positive experiences.

  • Lovely story! You all look very happy. What Brain Sync meditation did you use?

    • Good question. I’ve tried almost all of them. A favorite I kept returning to was this one Brain Power

      • My favorite is Holosync by CenterPointe. It costs money, but the support and additional information is worth it for me.

        • Yeah I love Holosync. I use them sometimes when I try and do 2.5 hour sessions. Get through Dive and a few of the Immersions. Really good for regular listening too.

      • Thank you so much for sharing your story…I just discovered the law of attraction and Abraham January 2016 I’ve been reading books and online homework I could already see changes in my life discovered my love I’m still learning..Love my life! As its unfolding..

  • Excellent! Sharing your story and unveiling how the Teachings of Abraham have enriched your life and your true awakening is music to my ears (as well as many others, I am certain). Out of my own quest for staying on the path, I invite you, Travis and anyone else who would like to view the ABE inspired website at also on We’re all in this together. P.S. I am proud of you, you should be VERY proud of yourself, for your movement! Excellent example of allowing it in!

  • Travis, I shared your lovely story on my Facebook page

  • Thank You so much for Your story! :D. For me too, every day brings more and more evidence… Abraham’s teachings really work :). Greetings from Poland!

  • Hi Travis, this is the first time I have felt compelled to ever post anything like this.

    After a chance watching of ” The Secret ” whilst flicking through Netflix one day, led me to search out other material, I discovered Abraham and have been listening everyday for months on you tube. It wasn’t until this morning when I followed your link that your story has just totally helped me understand the process fully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I have actually got butterflies of excitement and feel somewhat compelled to tell you that you need to write a book or become a motivational speaker, so strong are the power of your words.

    Blessings to you and your lovely family.

    • So glad you reached out Diane 🙂 Awesome you found Abe and are enjoying them. I’m glad my channel and story could bring inspiration and direction to your life. You are sooo welcome. I feel I am on my way 🙂 I have a couple books done but the really exciting one I feel bubbling up still 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.

      Blessings to you Diane,


  • Travis, Your story is very inspirational. I am glad to see that you kept the faith that everything is and always will be working out for you!!!:)

  • Hi Travis, Gracias for sharing your experiences, life….It really touched me and like you I’ve unlearned a lot and have remembered Where we came from ;-)….

    In april my husband and I will be in Cancun for the Abraham Hicks Seminar 😉

    Your sharing really inspires me and I also started a Blog in January, something like you do now but stopped, i was insecure, thought nobody would be interested in my life-adventure but reading your story gave me energy again……Thank you for encouraging me with your transparency…..

    Much love,

    Genny Giraldo from Bruges, Belgique

    ps: see you maybe in Bruges onces 😉

    • Thank you for your note! So glad you are on this path with me.

      Cancun will be amazing 🙂 You’ll have to let me know how the conference goes.

      Awesome my story could inspire you. Keep it up on the blog! I know I hit hot and cold spells but if you keep expressing yourself people will find you. So many people are waiting 🙂

      Much love.

      I would really like to see Bruges! I’ll have to look you up when I make it there 🙂



  • Indrani Meier
    July 23, 2015 1:49 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. I am an ardent follower of Abraham too.

    Since I know Abraham my mind chatter is only with Abraham. This is the greatest achievement I made since I know Abraham! This keeps me in my Votex and connected to the source!

    I’ve been sent a another teacher Dr. Joe Dispenza this year and am enjoying doing work with him.
    I too would love to attend a workshop with Abraham and I am waiting for this opportunity to arise. I know it is on it’s way.

    I live in Greece at the moment.
    All the Best to you and your family.

    Indrani Meier

  • Hey Travis, I loved reading your story! I follow your youtube channel and I love your videos 🙂 Thank you for everything that you do. Colorado is awesome, I’ve been there many times. I’ve been traveling all over the USA with my wife for over 2 years. I’d love to meet you and your wife! We are interested in meeting people that are tapped in & follow Abraham 🙂 Feel free to add me on Facebook @

    • Very cool. Glad you are enjoying the channel and liked my story. Thanks for your note. I be you’re having a blast traveling the country. Haley and I are putting together our first big road trip here in a little bit. Added you on facebook 🙂 Always fun to meet like minded people. Enjoy your travels!

  • Thank you very much Travis for sharing your story!
    You just helped me to see what have been happening to me since I discovered Abraham and started meditation…life is just beautiful! !
    See you in the vortex!

  • Hi Travis! I’ve been following your YouTube channel for a few months now… totally drawn to it…. and find everything really resonates with me. It’s helped me TREMENDOUSLY so I am very grateful for you and your beautiful wife & baby!! I discovered Abraham teachings a couple months before that and was blown away by it. I would’ve loved to raise my kids to understand life this way but seeing that I can’t get it wrong and never get it done I still love that I’m learning all of this now & can at least make my life an example, it is truly a crazy cool unfolding for me when I remember to get happy and allow it! It goes all flowy and it’s like…HELLS YES!! When I’m off, it’s usually bc I’m around non-disk believing, logical people too long lol. Anyway, I have been dreaming of the places I’ve longed to visit, explore & live in, and, as I watched your stuff I wondered where you guys were because the scenery was so beautiful…. much like my visions. Well I hadn’t read your story at that point until now and not only is it funny that I’ve been through similar experiences but I was also offered a great new job two weeks ago… in Denver…so I’m moving there next week!!! I have an old high school friend somewhere in the Boulder area who works in Button Rock so I fully intend on exploring up there & hope to run into you guys someday soon!! ✌love, Sam=) ps..I also want a Jeep & my soulmate ….. so I see your experience & know that it’s DEF closer to my experience now!! HA!! #vortexballers

    • Sam! So happy you are getting value from my channel. Awesome to have you following along. It sounds like you really get this stuff! No way you are moving to Denver! You are going to love it. Hit me up when you get all moved in. I try to make it to boulder to hike the flatirons a couple times a week. I could show you the trail. Haha. You are on the way – The jeep will be here sooner thank you think!


  • I found Abraham Hicks after watching the Hay House Summit video of the chat with Wayne Dyer and have been changing my thoughts ever since. I love your YouTube posts and listen daily. The pictures you use really attract me too. This morning I wanted to find out more about this amazing Traviseric which led me to your website and this terrific story. Thank you for your sharing of this life changing information which helps me learn how to stay on the high flying disc more and more each day. Love to you and your family.

    • So glad you found Abraham and are enjoying my channel. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Awesome to hear you enjoyed my story. Thanks for your message Megan! Love to you and yours.

  • Hi Travis. I’ve been enjoying the Abraham Hicks material you’ve been posting on YouTube. Thank you. I commented under one video about how Esther Hicks doesn’t seem to be bothered by the amount of her stuff that is being posted for free without her ‘clipping the ticket’. I see this as a sign that she operates from an abundance mentality, and this causes me to think that she is probably the ‘real deal’. You responded: “Its a huge sign that she gets it. It only servers to spread her that much more. Other teachers like eckhart tolle and bashar are very much controlled by people who do not understand the message they are in charge of. They are really dropping the ball imo. Ester really gets it.”

    I’ve been thinking about your comment, and I think I know exactly what you are saying.

    Perhaps we can expand this idea and say that wisdom can come through almost anyone, but sometimes it takes on the strong flavor of the person sharing the wisdom. I like the saying: “Take the best, and leave the rest”. I do this with books I read and people who I listen to. And I’m fairly certain that while at times I might have some wisdom to impart, I also have moments when I spout crap.

    I’m currently reading a book about intuition for the second time. I’m reading it again because I recently came across my own Amazon review of it where I said it was one of the best books I’ve read. However, this time, I’ve researched the author on the ‘net and found that she had some of those long drawn-out adverts trying to get me to sign up for a course. And right near the end there is the ‘special offer’ where a high price has had a line slashed through it and a more economical price has been written alongside it. I’ve been very cynical about this type of thing for years, and I dislike what seems to be the falsehood of pricing something high then discounting it as a special offer just for me. But I’ve been thinking about this situation in the light of your comment. I already know that it is best not to judge, and for years I’ve subscribed to the ‘take the best and leave the rest’ theory. Your comment implied that a good message might come through someone who doesn’t ‘get it’ fully. And I think you are on to something. We’re all having a human experience after all. So… why shouldn’t this lovely author have a great message to share in a book, even if she uses a method I don’t like when trying to sell other aspects of her business?

    Best wishes to you and your family from Nelson, New Zealand. Stephen Coote.

    • Hey Stephen. I remember our conversation. I can see what you’re saying. There’s always something positive to take away. I think this is a symptom of the old world colliding with the new.
      The people spreading the message aren’t always the same people who are promoting it, buying the equipment, writing the checks and left in charge of the message. It’s our business practices that are in need of change. But when people who understand start running over the people who don’t everyone will wake up.
      You describe sales techniques used by the team building her sales funnels. It’s probably far removed from the original authors input at all. I’d like to contact Darryl Anka himself and ask him If I could just run his youtube channel for him as his team isn’t doing it.

      You’re right. At the end of the day ‘it is what it is.’ Focus on what you want to expand like the fact that there are many teachers who do have their wonderful content freely available and we have the ability to create our own.
      Thanks for the message. Hope all is well

  • Your experience with Abraham’s teachings resonates so closely with mine. Reading your experience made me feel like I was masterminding with you on some level.
    Thanks for sharing your story. I really appreciate it – and the way you tell it. I’m looking forward to more!

  • Hi!
    I see synchronicity in my life for a few months and now I`ve found your website and your story as an indicator that all my desires are on the way to me. I have a dream about healthy and happy family, nice and cozy house and successful business that I love. I also have a website about self help, creativity and other things. So, as I read about your experience I felt so grateful for another sign from the universe and my angels that I burst into tears. 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your story with people! It means a lot!

    • So wonderful. Glad you are following your joy and seeing life unfold beautifully. Awesome you found my story and it resonated with you. Please let me know the address of your website so I can check it out 🙂 Thanks for your message!!

  • ‘Met’ Abe last June via Wayne Dyer, whom I’d ‘met’ a few months before. A rampage video of yours which helped me stay flying high had to be ‘refound’ yesterday in order to ‘reascend’, and I ‘stumbled’ here. How great! I am learning from my granddaughter, Maggie, 4. I hike with my friend Rita each summer near RMNPark and while there dream about getting a place to live there for part of the year. Thank you for your story, and for my favorite rampage video. Carol

  • I’m still new at this, and I can feel my vibration just goes u and down throughout the day…
    What kind of meditation are you using?

    • Meditation is awesome. Calm and headspace are great apps to get started. I started by listening to binaural beats with stereo headphones. They really helped get to deep states quickly. Try to let thoughts pass. Focus on breathing or chanting a mantra. Let me know how it goes!

  • Hey Travis! Awesome story about your life to which further built my already soaring high believe in the magic of synchronicity and the law of attraction. I appreciate what you’ve written here, and acknowledge you for being vulnerable and putting yourself out there to inspire and positively impact others. I’ve listened to Abraham Hicks for the past few years quite a bit and can attest to similar results with flowing from one amazing thing to the next by following my good feelings. FEEL GOOD NOW and keep feeling better, is truly the most important fundamental to always keep in mind. What I most got from your epic adventure of life was the Bashar comment:‘”follow your highest excitement in every moment.’ He says ‘abundance is having everything you need WHEN you need it.’ That helped me see my life as already abundant.” — Thanks for sharing that one. What we all have now is exactly what we’ve created and is the perfect place to begin pursuing any journey we choose to embark upon.

    Please friend request me on Facebook and check out my YouTube channel: as I am spreading the truth about the law of attraction and concepts super similar to what you’ve mentioned! I’d love to collaborate with you some time 🙂

    Much love, keep sharing!

    • Thanks so much for the comments Shane. I love what you’re doing. I subscribed to your channel and sent you a friend request on facebook. Great energy my friend. Excited to move things forward with you, as im sure we will. Lots of exciting stuff coming in 2016! Cheers to us!

  • Thank you, Travis Eric, for sharing your incredible journey (so far) and for your ongoing desire, time, courage and commitment in spreading to others these amazing teachings – that also changed my life when I “stumbled” across Abraham almost a year ago.

    I was an early subscriber to your channel, as your name kept popping up & standing out to me, and the Abraham clips you chose to post were the same ones in which I also had found very strong resonance. But it wasn’t until this morning I felt compelled to read your full story. I very much enjoyed it…and talk about resonance!
    (congratulations, by the way, on your rapid growth and reaching 12,000 subscribers so quickly. Good for you!)

    I am unbelievably grateful and appreciative to have found this knowledge when I did – as it not only changed my life, but I believe it also saved it. And I so appreciate, value and admire high vibrating teachers like you (and Ester, etc) that are helping so many others. It is all of you who have helped to restore my much-needed faith in humanity and to remind me and reinforce what I’ve always felt to be true about energy, why we are all here, and the way the universe really works.

    In a nutshell, THANK YOU for sharing your story and kudos to you for helping so many others! I never post online comments like this, but again felt compelled to for whatever reason today, as I thought you should know and would love to hear that you truly are an inspiration, and making a difference in people’s lives and the universe.

    Thank you,

    • Thanks for writing Nicole! Really happy you enjoyed my story. Glad you are enjoying my yt channel. Awesome for you for caring about how you feel enough to take charge of your life! You’re amazing. Thank you for the congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Apologize it took me a minute to respond. Thanks again for the kind words Nicole.
      Best to you,


  • […] favourite Abraham-Hicks quote is from a YouTube video entitled Experiencing Clarity and is on the Travis Eric YouTube channel, where Abraham says, the only way you can get rid of doubt is by experiencing […]

  • Travis,
    what a beautiful story you live and breathe. Thanks for sharing it here. Blessing to you and your family!

  • Travis,

    A pleasure to see your good site — and your even better son!

    Best of luck in everything you do,


  • Your story is wonderful. I had tears in my eyes of happiness for you and your beautiful family. Thankyou for writing this!

  • Awesome story! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. I found your Abraham Rampage today on YouTube that you posted 3 months ago. I decided to spend the next 30 days on it, as you suggested and I will journal and let you know how it goes. The timing is exactly right. Thank you. Namaste’ Julia

  • Exactly what I needed to hear…thanks Travis!

    • Wonderful 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

      • Katja Lobensteijn
        April 29, 2016 8:46 am

        Dear Eric,

        I have listened to many A/H videos by now, and they are mostly about people asking for guidance because they are stuck. You on the contrary presented such an uplifting and refreshing story of evidence that the idea really works, that it inspired me to give it a REAL chance. BTW, I can’t remember Abraham having granted someone so much speaking time in one go :-). Thank you very much for sharing your story in the hot seat and on this site.
        Best regards,

        Katja, The Netherlands

  • i love you Travis and family!….thank you so much for the easy access you tube playlists, i use them daily and i share with friends often…bliss bless love always

  • I’m glad your life is good, and that you are doing well. I have always been weak and even though I have tried my hardest to love (i really have!) and my hardest to share what i have (you wouldn’t believe how much), people always end up taking advantage of me, cheating on me, stuffing me in cracks … you name it. I have always been open and honest, forthcoming and true. I have stolen only candy when I was a young boy and i can still count on one hand how many times. I pirate nothing on my computer and my favorite thing in life is to teach and educate. However, my life has never improved as a result of karma or “giving” to others. in fact, it has gotten worse. my parents hate me, my sister hates me, all of my friends have stolen or taken advantage of me, and every woman i have ever been with has cheated. i will always walk in the sun, i will always treasure the howl of the night, but, Anne, i just don’t know what’s real anymore. i learned the ways of Siddhartha many years ago, and, i have a very personal relationship with God (won’t leave me alone, honestly), but, still …. i’m teetering on the edge of staying the way i am and being taken advantage of and hated for no reason, or, …. what else, i don’t know. i’m starting to hate things, for real, now. i’m not happy.

  • This is my first time on your site. I already follow you on YouTube but had never been on your site before. Today I was looking for something on Google I mean I’m confused about something. So I typed the question with Abraham Hicks in it and I came across this post of yours. I’m sooo glad that I found it. Loved your life story. A lot actually! Actually I’m on the same path! Abraham hicks have given me a new and of course a better way to look at life! I’m very very happy! Thanks you for sharing your wonderful story and inspiring us.

  • Beautiful Share! Thanks for taking the time to write it all out. <3

  • Maryann Walsh
    July 14, 2016 5:28 am

    Travis , Hi! Synchronicity has happened?

    I just started to read the book “Miracles” by Stuart Wilde, when, tonight, I was directed to your you tube channel then, this website and read that you read the book!

    Since reading the book and listening to Abraham, I also used to get anxiety when I was offered two jobs at same time and could not make a decision without a lot of angst.

    This time, I am blessed to be offered 3 jobs but it is down to two and I am calm and very grateful for the offers rather than experiencing anxiety over selecting the”right one”.

    I would like to get in to the internet business myself but am not familiar with doing so.My jobs in the past had me working 65 hours weeks so I had no time to discover how to get a you tube channel and website such as yours. However, I am now raising my vibration for a different story to unfold this time.

    I know I need to make changes in my life. I have been feeling stuck for a few years. I have family members who have energy not aligned with mine and we live under the same roof, I am “rising my energy: above the lower energy to manifest the desires of my heart.

    Travis, you are authentic and I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

    Phoenix, Haley and you are a wonderful high vibe tribe!!!!

    PS I will check out your coaching. I hope it may be in regards to starting an internet business or you tube channel.



  • well done, and timely, for me, travis.

    a wizard is always on time


  • Thank you for sharing your story! You are clearly a brave and beautiful man, and I would like to meet you one day.

  • That selfie photo in the bathroom…..gross!

  • Absolutely fabulous! – thank you, Travis. Would appreciate if you could please share which “binaural beats” from Brain Sync you found most effective – Many thanks, Catherine

  • This is the most beautiful blog post I have ever read, Travis. I really loved the part when you stayed in bed and just felt good. That is what I am doing. So glad my vibes drew me to your experience.

  • Wow, Thank You For Sharing!

  • Thank you! Rampaging with Abraham every day 🙂

  • Hi there 🙂
    The post is really empowering!
    Im still a newbie in all this, im still clearing my resistance and havent yet managed to attract anything ‘serious’ 🙂 The most dazing thing that has happened to me, the exact night when i made a firm decision it would, – my everfavourite song was played on the radio xD, and i never heard that song neither before nor after anywhere except my own playlist and a movie.
    The thing is, having been raised by a somewhat religious mother, some paranoid part of me still fell under the influence of those who said that LOA and related stuff was an ‘evil thing’, so to say x) But i always knew, deep inside, that the victim mentality of religious people was kinda contradicting the true concept of God/Universal energy, because if we are so loved, why would we be destined to suffer in order to go to heaven after we die and all that…jazz.. x)) So, to me, the teachings of Abraham ring more true about the love of God than religiuos dogmas, for sure. Its more logical that we are loved always, and always provided with miracles and good life as soon as we let that love into our hearts. Much more logical than the idea of going through misery or humbe mediocre living if we want to deserve happiness… I could go on forever x)

    So, its very encouraging to read the story of someone who proves my newly found vision and faith in Love as i understand it.
    Thank you so much, Travis 🙂 And be blessed forevermore :3

  • Travis: love the real life story of applying the material. I discovered the material in April 16, and got practicing alignment with my vortex. May 16 – an ideal presented itself, launched into action to start a new company, by July it was producing nice income, in Oct the momentum is growing and the cash is flowing as I practice feeling good. Thank you for your contribution via your own alignment.

  • Amazing story!! Much love xxx

  • Hey Travis, we do certainly become what we think about!!!The day I realised this my life changed too, its nice to read about your life journey full of happiness and growth very inspiring!!!! Keep creating!!!

  • “Stumbling” upon this article really made my Heart sing. I’ve began manifesting things much like you mentioned, but had not yet really understood LOA like Abraham explains. I started listening to Abraham on YT a few weeks ago I believe. I didn’t know who “he” was and why it sounded like a woman speaking. I just resonated deeply with the messages. Clear and concise. You see, since I have been rapidly evolving Spiritually, the more words I have to filter through listening, or speaking, the more scrambled I feel. I need less, with more impact. I’m all about feeling, and the messages felt good. So, the synchronicity is solid between your article and my life currently. Briefly: Met my Soulmate a month ago (confirmed by several readings–much like you had). But things have been CUMBERSOME between us, as if we smooth skipped the infatuation stage and got into some sticky karmic debt. Align on 90% of everything. He’s 19 years older though, with one child and wants more, and I feel low-key pressured to have a baby sooner than I’d like. He’s moving to CO with HUGE dreams of getting in medicinal cannabis. I’m currently very “lost” on my path/career/where I want to Be geographically. I also desire a jeep, and want to “work” when I feel like it…with online being a source of income. Like you =). I work at Montessori. Have had the “money appearing” after I’ve given way my last few bucks. I just really appreciated your story and I am eager to read more about your experience. Thank you so much for shining your Light. I can be long winded in front of the keyboard haha. Thanks for reading and maybe I’ll run into your beautiful family in Boulder some day =D

  • Travis! This brought me to tears! What a wonderful example you are of the laws of the universe! You are in alignment with source and it’s absolutely fantastic! I am so happy for you! I am so thankful that I came across this blog. I love hearing from other friends of Abraham. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! May we all care about how we feel. May we all be in alignment with source. May we appreciate the contrast, but live in the vortex.

    We can’t get it wrong and we will never get it done.

    Much love and light to you, friend.


  • I really needed to read this just now. I felt my energy shift just reading it. I’m so happy for you. I truly feel good. I know I was led here. Thank you

  • Ash Albiniak
    June 17, 2017 2:55 am

    Hey! I just found this and I live in Louisville. If you and your family are still in the area perhaps we could meet and chat about AH, or kids (I am a professional child care giver among other things). Louisville Community park has a great playground with pop jets! (and a dog park). I’m also attending my first AH workshop tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for your work! Ash

  • awsome . gave me pinch about paleo , exactly what i neded , thanx a big time 🙂 all the best !! ( and may the force be with you 😀 )

  • Hi Travis. I was so glad to have read your story and how you connected/manifested with Abraham’s teachings. Very inspiring, indeed. I would like your advice/thoughts on this, in regards to Abraham’s teachings, I couldn’t really find an answer to this question: what happens when your wishes/wants are very different from each other? For instance, I am a Londoner, and would like to own a beautiful home in the neighbourhood of Hampstead (it’s been a wish for 2 years now), however, the person I would like to have as a mate/partner lives in LA, and has a very different life from mine (different jobs, different friends, different everything). So at the same time that I would like to live and settle down in London, in that neighbourhood, in this specific city, something/someone else I want is in a very different location/vibration, etc…

    That is one example, but I find myself wanting things that contradict themselves in that sense (I want kids now, a family, but continue to expand my career, etc…): if you want to settle down, have a career and a family in London and that is a strong desire, how can you manifest that and the person from LA who is also a strong desire?

    How does manifesting things that seem so different/distant from each other works?

    Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Travis! I have been in mindfulness for 7 years and meditating for about 4 years. My husband and I have just discovered Abraham Hick 3 months ago. We also went to a medium and she told us we always find each other in every life. We have been together for 11 years now. In all of the years I have spent reading books on spirituality , nothing has brought more clarity than what Abraham is teaching. We have never been more happy and felt more alive. The process of manifesting is real and synchronicity continues to show us this is real. We are happy and thriving everywhere, except financially, but although we see that we’re still short in reality and the reality is shortage in our bank account, we really have a knowing that it is turning around and very quickly! From my experience Abraham are the best and most logical teachings for everyone. Excellent for our modern society 😉

    All the best! Happy to have found someone who applies these teachings and is thriving like yourself!


  • I absolutely love this story – the content, the style, the people, the message!!! All beautiful and came exactly when I needed to read something just like it!!! LOVE IT!!!

    • Is all this really true? Ive followd the loa for 2wks and im in such a hole still. Idk what im doing wrong. Ive done exactly what abraham teaches but im running out of time. Xmas is coming and i have kids and no cash. I keep reading esther hicks is a fraud. Idk what to do. Ive manifested and acted as if for 2 wks. Nothing.

  • Your story is awesome Travis you are an inspiration to the world thank you for all your sharing.


  • Wonderful – so much appreciation for this xxx

  • I loved your Abe style rampage at the end of your post! Sweet. Travis. Great name. I almost named my son Travis, it was a tossup, in the end I went with Garret. We also lived in Colorado for several years, beautiful! Thank you for your story, all the best to you.
    Your fellow abrahamster 🙂
    Cheers, April

  • What timing Travis.!! Thank you soooo much for your story. I appreciate it so much. I’ve been listening to Abraham daily for about 2.5 years now. It’s changed my life so much for the good. I absolutely do want to learn more about your passive income. A few crazy big things have changed my world in the last few years so I will do my best to start listening to your recordings on passive income. So my love going your way.

  • Wow dude, you make me feel like I better get real with this, . .awesome story, thank you

  • I quit my job nearly 2 years ago, with no clear idea what I’d do. I just knew I was fed up and needed a break. A couple months later, I had a desire to be more forgiving and have fewer toxic emotions. Little did I know this would lead to an intense 6-month journey that would be the most challenging thing I’d ever done. Some days I literally did nothing but think, for 20 hours straight. I didn’t open any books to try to teach myself anything: I just wanted everything to come from my own head. Right from the get-go, the Law of Attraction started to work (it was just a term I made up, as I knew nothing about Abraham Hicks until a few days ago when a friend sent me the youtube video you posted). Over the next 1 1/2 years, I became healthier, fitter and slimmer than I’d ever been in my life. I got the guy I wanted. I reorganised my entire life. Out of the blue a freelance career beyond my wildest dreams landed on my doorstep. I became close to my semi-estranged family. My friendships went from having lots of acquaintances to having fewer but much deeper and more rewarding relationships. Most of all, I now live every day with Love, Acceptance and Happiness. My journey has just been magical. Along the way, I found a few people who’d been on similar journeys and we could really connect and talk about our experiences and philosophy of life — but I had absolutely no idea that there was a whole school of thought out there! When I listened to the youtube video my jaw just dropped. Everything was so similar to my own thoughts, and I couldn’t believe I’d just stumbled blindly upon it without any direction whatsoever. (But is it any surprise, really :-)) And reading your article, Travis, I was again so struck by how much I could identify with what you were saying. I basically just entrust my life to Love and let myself be guided by my desires, rather than what others think are “right” or “wrong”. Yes I’ve been filled with doubt plenty of times but every single time, trusting Love has turned out to be right thing. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  • Thanks a lot Travis for sharing your experience to keep the vibration high…
    Good vibe to you and us all

  • Hi Travis, this is my first comment I’ve made to something like this. I started listening to Abraham Hicks for last few months and listening to affirmations daily. Your story is beautiful, inspiring and truly real. Thank you soooo much for documenting it all. I am 53 and I know I will live the life I’ve dreamed of since very young. You and your family are living proof it can happen. Much of what I’ve wanted is now coming into my life and it feels amazing..I will be sharing your story with my kids (boy 15yrs & girl 22yrs) so they can start their journey of dreams much sooner than I did. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    True blessings, love and light. Xxxxx

  • I am deeply grateful that I number into your life story! You lift my energy up. It resonates with what I know is true.

    Thank you Universe for leading me this way. Thank you Travis for sharing your experience.

    I believe, no, I KNOW from experience how synchronicity works. I am inspired by your clear way of writing, because it reminds me of what is possible. And I need to this reminder. Or should I say reFEELER?! 😉
    Right now I feel that everything is possible. Something I know rationally, but lost touch with lately.

    I am feeling so immensely happy and grateful that I can continue writing about all that I am feeling!!

    I will continue writing down my feelings and expressing what is going on inside of me.

    Thank you!
    Thank you!!
    THANK you!!!

    I hope you, Haley and Phoenix are
    still doing and being well!!

    All my love and a deeply grateful hug for all of you 🤗🤗

    Savannah from the Netherlands

  • Keep shining angel.✨🕊🕊

  • I am working on myself in trying lead a life of least resistance, my journey is relatively early days though I feel iv always known there is more magic to us as physical earthlings, a greater non physical realm taking care of us.
    I know it is true and think I’m starting to gain some momentum.
    Being a fan of ‘The secret’ my first introduction to LOA, I was the hair salon a year or so ago when I met a lady who told me she is in to deeper stuff and directed me to Jerry & Ester hicks in which I bought the teachings of Abraham. I dabbled in and out. Fast forward to now, I can totally see the correlation between my life at its best and more upstream when I fell back into the habit of resistance.
    I now listen daily to Abraham via YouTube, started meditation, live in pure love and recently really cleaned up my diet.
    The videos I come across are often posted by you, you stand out to me as one important area in my life is the intense amount of love I feel I have towards my children’s father .. he to is called Travis Eric .. We are no longer together, which I can totally see how I attracted that to happen as did we both did at the time but he is still very much (I feel/think) in my vortex. Intrigued by your YouTube post because of the synchronicity and the sheer greatness you share today I was looking up something else to find a clip of a particular subject I had in my mind. I was bought to this site and went on to read your awesome story.
    I to am called Hayley, and my son is called Pharren. Its personal to me I know but would you look at that, there it is again, the wonderful universe giving me the nod this IS the way. I feel great right now. I’m doing the work right 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I just had to comment & share. Following my impulses 😉

    Thank you 🙏🏽😇 Love & Light 💫

  • elena zvonareva
    July 8, 2020 4:08 pm

    I am listening to Abraham every day, and going though my healing journey with Lyme, not fast, but let it be.. Could you elaborate this segment of your post please? (I am Russian, so I might have missed something. What do you mean by “empty out”, maybe some case would help)) “I realized that life was like a cup for me. If I emptied it out it would fill in with the new things I wanted. I began to trust it at this point. I had lost everything before. Emptied my cup and it refilled with all the new things I wanted. It was time to empty my cup again. ” I feel I am close to understanding it, but missing some clarity)

  • Absolutely awesome! I loved reading this and feel a shift in my vibration as I did! Very cool ✌❤

  • This taught me a lot, wow. Btw, I’m just curious, have you fulfilled your financial desires too? Because that’s one of my dreams too XD

  • Came upon your story & just wanted to say I hope you and your beautiful family are well! I am a frequent Abraham follower & really enjoyed your story!! LOVE & LIGHT<3

  • You have shown me that seeing the grays is to reinterpret life a little bit, is widening the gaze to finally discover the mystery…
    Travis, can you please come back and continue writing the story?
    World needs more of you…


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