Paleo Chicken Gorgonzola Recipe

I was taught this recipe working in an Italian kitchen in high school with a really talented chef.  Each time I washed a dish I would run my finger across the saucy goodness.  It was too fantastic, I didn’t care what anyone though.  The bacon and sun dried tomatoes complemented the Gorgonzola cream sauce perfectly.  It’s like heaven in your mouth. I picked his brain until I could reproduce it perfectly.

His version used cream instead of coconut oil and was served over Penna pasta rather then cauliflower.  I tweaked the recipe to make it more paleo  friendly and found the results nearly identical to the original I once enjoyed so much.  I’ll walk you through the ingredients and the timing so you too can create this masterpiece of flavor for yourself and your loved ones. ENJOY!

Everything starts with the G-Shop. The ingredients are listed in order of use. White wine can be used to  lift the fond off the bottom of the pan (Called deglazing) before adding the coconut milk. I found not using it still elicits amazing results. Up to you. I think you’ll find plenty of excuses to try both :p

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Bacon, Chicken, Sun-dried tomatoes, Green Onions, Basil, Garlic, (White wine), Coconut Milk, Gorgonzola Cheese, Cauliflower, Kerry gold grass fed butter.


On medium heat. Fry 3-4 slices of bacon (chopped) in olive oil until brown.  Sticky pan preferred as it will create more fond (brown stuff on bottom of pan) which means MORE flavor.

2 bacon olive oilAs your bacon cooks you have time to prep the ingredients for the next stage. The green onions, basil, sun-dried tomatoes can be plated. The chicken cubed and the garlic chopped and set aside.  Here I used 3 Green Onions. Chop the ends off. Remove anything weird.

3 green onionsChop!4 green o choppedStack your basil leaves like so. 5 basil

Roll into tube. 6 basil rollChop! This is called the Chiffonade technique. “Chiffonade” means ‘made from rags’ in French. It can be used to get cool textures from your herbs to top off a dish or add flavor like we’re doing here. 7 basil chop

Add a similar portion of Sun Dried Tomatoes and set aside. Ready to add when the time comes.  These come both in oil and dried. They work either way. 8 sun dried tomo

Prep your cauliflower separating it from its giant mass. Chop the tops off from the woody steam.

9 - cauli chop

Medium heat.10 - med heat

Saute the cauliflower in 2 tbs of Kerry gold grass fed butter or olive oil. Add salt and pepper.

11 - culi flour

Add extra bacon grease/olive oil mix for extra flavor but make sure and keep some oil in the pan for cooking the chicken.12 extra bacon greese

Remove weird fat pieces and cut your chicken into cubes. First diagonally. 13 chicken

Then horizontally.14 chicken chopAnd cover with salt and pepper. *Stay away from table salt. Use pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt instead. It’s better for you. 15 chicken

Add your chicken to the pan once the bacon turns brown. 16 chicken fry

The less you move the chicken around the better. You want to develop a brown on the chicken and on the pan to extract maximum flavor. This is done with a hot pan that sizzle when you add the chicken and by leaving the chicken sit in the same spot for a period of time. 17 chicken all

Prep your garlic. About half a head or so. Cut the stem off. Smash with a knife and chop as fine as you can get it! Work on those knife skills. 18 garlic

Starting to brown! I could have even used a hotter pan to sear the chicken more aggressively for more fond. Details. Details. 19 chicken cooked

Add your Green onion, Sun dried tomatoes and basil as the chicken cooks. 20 add toppings  Garlic is chopped and added a minute before the chicken is cooked through. 22 garlic chopDon’t be afraid of seeing a little pink. Most people over cook their chicken and dry it out because their scared of salamandernilla. By leaving the chicken a LITTLE pink before adding the coconut milk it will cook through as the milk and cheese simmer. The chicken will turn out perfectly moist and juicy when its all said and done and reach a temperature to destroy the evil slamnaoialla.   23 chicken upcloseGarlic touching the pan will release its flavor into the oil and aroma into the air. The smells in the room at this point will wake a hibernating bear. Anyone else in your vicinity will have no choice but to comment.  Unless their nose is all clogged up from not eating paleo. 24 garlicSauteed cauliflower should begin showing signs of browning at this point. Make sure you are tending to it and tossing it about. Season with salt and pepper.  25 brown coli

As the fragrance is released from the garlic give the pan a good toss. Mix up all them wonderful ingredients. Errrmagardddd.  This is also where you would add a small splathering of white wine (~4 tbs). The wine will pick up the fond from the pan and enhance the flavor profile. 26 mixedAdd about half a can of coconut milk. Make sure and shake it before you open it as it can sometimes separate in storage. 27 add coconut oilJust enough to almost cover the chicken.

28 coconut oilThen sprinkle on your Gorgonzola cheese crumbles. Too much will leave a very strong over whelming flavor. Too little and you miss out on it. Find your balance! 29 gorgon cheeseLet it simmer 3-5 minutes until all Gorgonzola is melted and mixed in. I turned off the heat to my cauliflower when it reached the brownness and consistency I was looking for.   30 simmer. off culi when brownIf you don’t get the timing perfect don’t worry. You can leave either the chicken Gorgonzola or Cauliflower to sit and then warm it again before serving. 31 - finished

IT IS ALIVEEEE!!!!!32 sauce

Plate your sauteed cauliflower and pour over that delicious Gorgonzola sauce n mix. Dance with joy. 33 plate

Hope you liked this recipe! Let me know how you liked the format or if there is anything I can do to make this easier to read and follow. Or any tips you think I missed. And please let me know If you make this dish and how you liked it!  Here or on a photo on instagram @travisericb!






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  • I tried this recipe last night and it was a hit! Even with the kids! It will be in our dinner rotation for sure! Please keep the great recipe’s coming!

  • I’m planning on making this tonight for dinner but I’m cooking for my family of 5 so some measurements would be helpful…

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