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Interested in Coaching?

I prefer to work with people who are already aware of the major role their beliefs play in shaping their life. Who are familiar with the Law of Attraction and its implications.

Tell me your story around whats manifesting in your life. I will help you remove the blocks and find your resistance.

I’ll help you become aware of  the ways you are currently creating your life experience and see from new empowering perspectives that will allow your vibration and clarity to raise.

You will be left with a better understanding of who you are and the tools and action steps you can take immediately to shift into the life you’ve always wanted.

 How It Works

You send me an email with your story around what you are trying to manifest and I will give you a breakdown of where you are, whats holding you back and how to shift into the reality you truly want. The cost is $200 for an email and 2 clarifications.

The next level of coaching includes daily emails and 2 phone/skype calls. This intensive full week of coaching allows me to dive deep and help you make identity level change.  The cost is $1000.  The perspective you gain and the impact on your life will be priceless.

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee. Full Refund if you are not satisfied in every way.

Send me your story at

Feel free to email me with any questions.


Want to Grow Your Brand?

I will help your brand get noticed on social media. I provide custom strategies that deliver measurable results to drive targeted exposure to your brand or business to increase profits.

Email me at and let me know you heard about this offer though my site and what your vision for your brand is. If you qualify I will give you a ‘Brand Strategy Overview’ ($249 value) for Free via Skype call. This is an in-depth look at what you can do right now to increase clicks, convert interest into raving fans. I’ll give you new ways to create value for your audience and monetize your newly created attention.

If you don’t qualify for the full session don’t worry. I probably have a full list of clients and can only take on the most dedicated to increasing their positive impact. I will still reply with an ‘Online Presence Analysis’ including some positive next steps you can take to grow your business to the next level. Something I normally charge $100 for, but not when you let me know you found my services though my website. Thank you for that.

The only cost of this ‘Brand Strategy Overview’ or ‘Online Presence Analysis’ is a commitment to ‘Pay it Forward.’  A promise to help at least one other person you see struggling with the same issues you once struggled with some advice to grow their brand in a positive direction.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Email me at

Before you can help others you must first help yourself. Below are some links to some personal accounts I manage.


Travis Eric | Travis Knowledge| Mother Lovin Yogi


@TravisEric | @MotherLovinYogi

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Live Optimized | Ant Hive Media


Note: The Prices Will Always Be going up.

9 thoughts on “Coaching & Consulting

  1. How can you help people who have no money to pay you? It seems the poor get forgotten where and when the blessed are living in abundance. As a business concept and looking at the dollars, I am becoming increasingly more aware of the gouging in internet marketing because one can ask for and, it seems, one can get, a huge profit for very little cost. The trade of knowledge which is ethereal for the product sold as practical has become trendy. I recently spent $240 on the experience and ended up with nothing. I signed up for a $2,000 (using my credit card) course which they refunded, saying I could not afford it, but there was an exchange rate between my purchase and the refund, so it cost me $240.
    I like what you write very much. In the end, I was vibrating rather well and I thank you for that. I am excited by your written words and would like to offer you free of charge my services as a very picky editor and former English teacher. Your writing, of which I am sure you are aware, needs some tweaking. If you do this, I believe my vibration will increase by reading it. My cost is my time, but my payment is more vibration which I desire. Deal? If you like, you may investigate my life (not as pretty as yours, lol) at Thank you for this opportunity, as I have come to realize the trendy internet marketing concept is my realization of a new level of vibration on its way.

    • I put up videos on my youtube channel you can watch for free. I am also here to answer questions people have. There are no victims. We are all blessed.

      Glad you liked my story. Would be open to editing and ways to improve my writing. New levels of vibration are continually on the way 

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. To improve your writing i would suggest you use and that is free. If you study the changes as it corrects you, you will learn a lot. For my part, I would suggest you send me what you want to post before you post it. Then I will return my edited copy back to you asap. If some things are in question about my corrections I will vibrationally 🙂 respond to you with an English lesson or explanation. Sweet and Simple.

  2. From your Nov 19/15 post “The concepts here once masters allow you to script for yourself whatever life experience you desire.” I am not sure what you are trying to say or mean?? My offer still stands! Much love 🙂

    • Thanks Lynda! I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your email. Im working thru backlogs from the holidays! I will get back to you and see if I can quench your desire to help with editing!! I have not forgotten 🙂

  3. Hi Travis,
    I like your list of things to do to raise your vibration very much and practice almost all of them. I’m also trying to cut out alcohol as I realize my energy drops when I drink and it opens me up to negative energy.
    My question for you, as I live in Boulder, CO, is what your take is on marijuana (and other recreational drugs) as far as hindering, helping or neither when it comes to raising/lowering vibration.
    I know some people here who are working on attaining some level of enlightenment, but they smoke a lot and I was wondering if that is hindering them or actually helping their ascension.
    You may reply personally to my email address if you would prefer, if you don’t want to advocate publically either way.

    • Great question. I live near boulder as well. I’ve seen some friends get really sidetracked by Marijuana. It’s a really easy thing to do too much of. I used to smoke every time I meditated which was everyday or so. I made sure I only used a one hitter as a way to keep it ‘under control’ but found myself gradually smoking more and more. When I’d watch a movie, or edit video, or go to the mountains. It’s fun and it can serve you up to a point. But I felt as I raised my vibration it would only make me more sleepy or give me a heavy feeling. It started holding me back. It’s still fun and I smoke occasionally but I feel if you smoke too often then it becomes an escape. It’s not really you attaining enlightenment but you+weed. I think it has negative long term effects on your ideas about the world and can detach you from reality and can be quite habit forming. I also think this is amplified because of how the weed is today. The dispensaries are all about the 35% thc! My feeling it that it’s not the good weed it used to be and us messing with it so heavy is causing it to have imbalanced side effects. In short, I treat it like a glass of wine now. I smoke once and awhile but if I catch myself doing it continually I know I’ve gotten off track. Thanks for your comment!

      • Hi Travis. Hope you recall my offer to edit. Here is something that just hit my inbox about 5 hours ago.

        My feeling it that it’s not the good weed it used to be and us messing with it so heavy is causing it to have imbalanced side effects. In short, I treat it like a glass of wine now. I smoke once and awhile but if I catch myself doing it continually I know I’ve gotten off track.
        MY VERSION:
        My feeling is that its not the good weed it used to be and us messing with it so heavy is causing it to have imbalance and side effects. In short, I treat it like a glass of wine now. I smoke once in a while but if I catch myself doing it continually I know I’ve gotten off track.

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