The modern world of food is a trap. It leaves you sick and addicted. It corrupts the integrity of your gut, has little nutritional value and requires a constant stoking of the fire to remain satisfied.

Learn to cook. Eat real food. Avoid modern convenience food. Check out some of my recipes.

There is not a short term DIET at is going to cure your problems. You cannot jump from fad to fad.  You have to change your relationship with food.

There is no room in your healthy life style for fast food, continual indulgence on sweets, processed food, chips, soda and candy. None. No good comes from it.

You must change what your preferences are so that junk no longer seems desirable. Get back to  your bodies natural nutrient consumption. Eating healthy things that ate healthy things. When you stray you don’t stray far.

I eat a primal/paleo diet. Organic vegetables. Free range meats with no hormones or antibiotics. No factory farming. Fast food is gross to me. I no longer drink alcohol. I limit my sugar consumption. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s how I eat.

I don’t deprive myself because real food is my new preference.  Bacon, eggs, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes are delicious. Mac n’ cheese is not; it leaves me feeling slow and groggy. I can tell my body doesn’t like it because of how it feels when I stray from real food.

I eat only high nutrient density foods. I cook 90% of my meals. I no longer feel the need for ‘cheat days.’

Get back to your natural way of eating. Beyond the world of convenience foods and microwave dinners.

Your body will thank you.

Contact me for guidance in shifting your lifestyle to healthy delicious food. And read my book Real Food Wins to understand what foods are serving you and which ones are destroying your health.