Physical activity NEEDS to be apart of your routine.

It’s about much more than looking good. Its about feeling good, being agile, having the ability to carry yourself over obstacles and the stamina to push through anything.

If you got lost in the woods 100 miles away from anywhere how is that bicep curl going to help you?

Lost to me are those who spend hours in a gym lifting weights to put on muscle. To often is it used to cover up some insecurity in their personality.

If you are running on a treadmill when the weather is beautiful you are doing it wrong. You are not a lab rat. Enjoy the day, seek new trails, jump and climb on things.

I believe fitness should be functional. The parts of your body you use get stronger, the parts you dont deteriorate.

Body weight exercises, hiking trails, signing up for triathlons to challenge yourself. Try cross-fit, try monkey bar gym, swing some kettle bells.

Work towards a skill rather than a physique. Your goal is to stay healthy, feel good, be a stronger person and push your limits. See what you are capable of.

Try to get back to nature. Get rid of your thick sole running shoes. Go minimalist. Run on trails, bike, swim, climb. Be a kid again.

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