Life is ripe with opportunities to tip off balance.

At the extremes we call the imbalance addiction. More often we’re inflicted with subtle imbalances that gain momentum and hasten our lives in undesirable directions.

Subtle imbalances start in the form of simple daily routines. Our morning cup of coffee. An hour of television when we get home from work. A little treat after lunch.

In time these imbalances dilute our life rather than give it meaning. The expansion of our focus gains momentum that runs us off track;  some being more susceptible than others.

What’s important is not in eliminating options but in keeping options in harmony.  The world we live in makes it extremely easy to get out of balance.

In every direction we focus there is opportunity to gain  momentum to sweep ourselves into a dysfunctional lifestyle.

Instead of our one cup of coffee in the morning, we drink it all day long just to stay awake. The one hour of TV exposes us to so many great shows that we have to drop our kids off at daycare on our days we don’t work so we can catch up on the stuff we missed.  Our meals become about chasing mouth pleasure rather than truly feeling good.

It’s important to be conscious of routines we do every day. We have to remain aware of the things that we cannot easily live without.  We must allow ourselves opportunities to focus in new directions for periods of time.

To live new routines just to keep our old routines in perspective.  Cycle tea in with your coffee and once in awhile and go a couple days without anything.  Spend a couple consecutive weekends drinking juice instead of alcohol. Or pick a day each week and avoid technology.

Balance doesn’t mean cutting things out of your life entirely. It means respecting the momentum of those things.  That momentum becomes your life.