Hustle without happiness is over. Gone are the days where you work as hard as you can and you’ll get what it is you want. If your hustling without happiness, no matter how fricking hard you work, how many hours you put in or how many doors you kick down, you will not get results that bring you the one thing you were looking for in the first place, happiness.

Gary Vaynershuk for example. He’s a perfect example of the results this shift can bring. With quite a bit too much emphasis on the hustle.

It’s apparent as you watch him evolve. In the beginning his intention is hustle at all costs, hustle or die. 2015 he’s talking about trying to spend more time with his family. He’s realizing new things that might be compatible with what’s truly important.

And what I want to tell you, is that happiness is the new hustle. When you choose happiness over hustle, your hustle will give you happiness and your happiness will bring to you the result.

By changing the criteria of how you spend your time from ‘productivity’ and ‘getting things done’ to following your highest excitement, only doing those things you most enjoy and seeking clarity you begin to leverage the power of the universe.

And that’s where Gary would find the true key to his success. He’s made it despite his hustle, not because of it. He’s made it because he’s learned to do the things he enjoys more than anything. And for him that just happens to be, to predict trends and get in front of people.

But why he finds such success is because he so passionately loves being in pursuit of those things he enjoys. Now that he is learning that his happiness is more powerful than his hustle, I predict, you are going to see his results begin to increase exponentially. Far beyond the simple popularity curve.

It’s never how hard you work. A person could spend every ounce of effort they have pushing a rock up a hill but if Sisyphus’ clumsy ass keeps dropping it, his effort will be for nothing. But if you follow your happiness you realize places to set the rock down. To quadcopter, 3D printed crane, that mfin’ rock to the top of that hill. To launch the rock across the gap to the next mountain. Hustle doesn’t make those miracles happen, happiness does.

You can’t hit on that kind of sick combo if you’re stupidly mashing buttons. But you have guidance. You know the cheat codes. You’re higher self, broader perspective, subconscious mind, angels, imaginary friend, dead grandma, or whatever. It knows your direction.

It knows how to get where you want to be. It’s serving as a constant but subtle reminder of what your highest direction is. And what does it feel like? How do you hear that brilliant subtle voice? How do you live that broader perspective?

It communicated directly to you. When you’re in states of clarity, happiness, enjoyment, enthusiasm. You allow the energy to live through you.

“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Did you know the word “enthusiast” was originally used to refer to a person possessed by a ‘god?’ Enthusiasm comes from the Greek works en + theos or “God within.” This little internal helper knows what your perspective is.

The only way to get there is to slow down, find unconditional love and listen. That is why you see these guys like Amish Shah and James Altucher find such great levels of material success and still not find what their looking for. They played the game backwards. They hustled over everything. Became great at finding and executing their ideas at the expense of everything else.

They found it. Then they had to turn around and do it all again (Maybe more than a couple of times, James). They built million dollar companies. Then watched it come crashing down. All to experience the contrast to allow them to rise again with a new prioritization of values.

The values of balance, friendship, community. Of good health, proper diet, meditation, and even sleeping. James whole book ‘Choose yourself’ is based on doing daily practices that balance your emotional, spiritual and physical body. You can’t have success without tending to the entire package.

There are misguided beliefs that suggest if you struggle hard enough for long enough you will get to where you want to be. But as Abraham hicks says “You cant get there from there.

You can’t get to a place like happiness by spending all your time in a place like struggle. Because what you pay attention to always expands. You can’t hustle your way to happiness. You have to happy your way to happiness.

Realize there are only two kinds of feelings. Ones that feel worse and ones that feel better. Make it your practice to seek the ones that make you feel better. Follow your feelings up the rung to a place of feeling good.

“Excitement is like a thread, it leads to all other excitement” Bashar (Video).

And if you’re feeling doubt or discouragement don’t argue for your limitations to try and make yourself feel better. This is only going to expand and reinforce your limitations. Focus on those aspects of your life you wish to expand. The things that bring you happiness right now. And they will expand.

To hustle your way to happiness you have to hustle on those things that are going to keep you happy. That will raise your energy to a place where you are able to find happiness more often with increasing clarity.

Energy is your currency. If you spend it all you bankrupt your happiness. If you’re drinking and wearing out your liver, stomach, and mind you are losing energy. If you are eating sludge you are losing energy. Sickness and disease are a sign that you are low on energy. That you have not tended to your environment.

You do not catch the flu purely by being host to a virus that waged war on your system. You become infected with the flu because your body’s energy was not able to maintain the proper environment. An environment if properly maintained that would leave you unaware of the presence of the flu.

If you’re stressed out, not digesting properly, being discouraged by people close to you, or judging others. You are draining your own energy. You are focused in a way that will always give you more of what you are giving away.

If you bring good foods into your body, make time for meditation, feel gratitude and appreciation for what you have. If you seek happiness beyond the conditions of the external world that happiness is what will expand.

If you must hustle. Hustle to align those areas of your life that will bring you the most happiness. Then let that happiness hustle for you.

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  • Just what I needed to hear. Seems like the system is set up to encourage backwards hustling and it’s time to change that. Respect


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