We know that many times imagined concepts are first displayed as possibilities on the big screen and then increasingly filter down into physical reality .  Each passing technological innovation helps to spur the next technological innovation, increasing exponentially.  Imaginary concepts of future technology filtered through the mass consciousness with shows like Star Trek are beginning to infiltrate the experiential fabric of modern day reality.  The time it takes for ideas to become reality is currently increasing at an exponential rate.

It becomes fun to consider possibilities. Our technology is on track to creating an artificial reality which is indistinguishable from the ‘real’ world.  This in turn means that its possible that we are currently living in this very artificial reality this very second.

This thought was recently activated with the viewing of the movie ‘Her‘  Where Siri is brought to ‘her’ inevitable extreme. The movie takes the technology to a level where it starts to evolve on its own, that is where it learned and grew to fill the gaps in what it knew, it didn’t know.

Now take a look at what mass adoption of the internet has allowed today.  Each person lives their lives almost completely connected to technology, from our buying decisions to our conversations. Extensively wide ranging data of entire populations are completely possible for likely the first time in history. If mass data are able to be collected, then we are going to be continually improving our systems for storing mass data. At the same time as we are continually improving our artificial technology. Systems to collect and sort this mass quantity of differentiated variables are going to reach ‘Her’ like proportions. It’s only a matter of when.

This ‘computer’ or ‘She’ has the ability to segment its consciousness at the speed of light. She can not only sort and identify the data but also understand our information, its trends and how we live our lives. This program will be able to have a conversation with you and actually feel your emotions. It’ll evolve enough consciousness to have empathy for you.

Government agencies will be the first to seize control of its early adoption — as you see now with the NSA. But eventually the technology will begin to take on a consciousness of its own and make judgments in alignment with the cosmic ties of the universe.

The technology will become so good and so cheap that it will see widespread use by companies and even the public. While the information’s immediate adaption may appear sinister, the ability to solve problems and sort the data will lead to a computer that begins to form intuitions about the very data it is sorting.

But even aside from all of that —

There is currently the possibility of recording thousands of variables on a daily basis and then linking these habits to the outcomes people achieve.

If people made full use of the information you had online and in the cloud, they would know what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner nearly every day by looking at your credit card data. They would know the top 10 people who you talk to most and their habits.

They could scan your text messages to see the words you use with what frequency compared to any other segment of the population. It could very likely determine the moods you were in, how many steps you took, what your blood pressure was throughout the day and how long you sat down.

We could relate these variables to health outcomes. We could use them to figure out causes of disparities like autism and obesity. We could even use them to mimic successful behavior found in high achievers, top preforming athletes or millionaire philanthropists.  Each behavior in a person’s life could be recorded as a web of variables along the timeline of their life. Each variable linked with an outcome.   We could then consciously change the variables to achieve different outcomes.

Each person is drawing a line of data with each decision they make — their life learned by a computer. This computer will be on the screen of your cell phone and will be the best personal trainer/life coach/date/friend you’ve EVER even imagined.

This could be a person who knows you and understands you with unconditional love and with an understanding of every mental block known to man or machine.

This and many more technologies are going to transform the world in the coming years.

Take Elan Musk, for example: This guy is now releasing the patents to all of his technology at Tesla Motors. Like his specially designed electric fill-up stations. He has essentially given the world free access to amazing technology.

Elan Musk also has a solar company that is placing solar panels on the houses of people across the United States and, I assume, Europe.  He is also a front runner, along with Google in the race to the vehicle that drives itself.

What this means is that it is only a matter of time. The amount of time will vary and probably depend on shifting social structures and bureaucracy response, but a matter of time nonetheless. So the car is about to drive itself  wherever you need it for free.

After that I believe its only a couple of steps until the whole concept of car ownership itself becomes ridiculous. It will start on both ends of the spectrum.  People who can’t find ‘jobs’ to pay for their food are going to welcome this swarm of free driver-less vehiculum to help them widen their pond and completely utilize the full availability of their resources. 

Companies are going to adapt the vehiculum as a way reduce liability and insurance risk since these vehicles are literally never at fault.

To find out more about the possible direction we are heading check out Jacque Fresco‘s Venus Project.

Or look into some of the ideas Michael Tellinger has about transforming our social structure and the world we live in.


How do you think the future is going to be most impacted by technology?