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Travis Haley Phoenix LOA Family

Abraham Hicks Experience Part 2

My first post titled ‘My Experience with Abraham Hicks‘ detailed how I came to find out about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. It covered my initial search and the results I ...


Increasing Your Energy

Here are the best ways I have found to raise my energy. These are not one trick pony’s but habits to work towards. Use this post as a check list. Start with the biggest items and move down ...

Travis and Phoenix

My Experience with Abraham Hicks

I came to the Abraham Hicks material after years of reading non-fiction books trying to find ways to get the most out of life. The deeper I got the more it all started to say the same thing. ...

Paleo Pancake 5

Paleo Pancakes

I played around with a bunch of different recipes eventually combining them to come up with this latest iteration. I found that too many bananas made them too thick. Too much coconut flour and it ...

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