Here are the best ways I have found to raise my energy. These are not one trick pony’s but habits to work towards. Use this post as a check list. Start with the biggest items and move down the list as you fine tune your way of being. They are in order of what habits you should build first that will help you with everything else. As you master the items at the top of the list move lower to fine tune your vibration.
Dial in your diet. I cant over state the importance of what you eat. Food is used as the building blocks for your entire body. Build your house with the best material to get the best outcomes. If you want to increase your energy and raise your frequency start here. Eliminate junk food. No soda, no fast food, no microwave meals. Eat real food. Cook your meals. Learn to cook if you don’t know how. Plan your meals. Find a couple staples you can turn to when you don’t know what to eat. Stop snacking on chips and sweets. These addictions might seem harmless but they disrupt the balance of your gut while providing no nutritional value. Commit to eating high nutrient density foods with no negative health outcomes. Stop using a microwave. Your food has energy. If you eat cheap factory farmed meat those living conditions and stress hormones are then taken up by your body. People can pay $5 for a latte at Starbucks but they wont buy cage free eggs. Microwaving your food also messes up this energy. Take the extra 5 minutes and use the oven instead. Eat and drink from plastic less or not at all and throw away that Keurig.  The cleaner you eat the more you can taste and feel that these things…suck.
Personally I eat paleo. This is a great place to start as its super clean. As I’ve broken my addictions to food I’m more able to listen to what my body needs. Recently I find myself craving meat less for example. It just feels lighter. I’ve experimented with vegetarianism and eating Raw and I recommend doing 30 day trials of different diets to tweak your habits. I found paleo the best way to sustain my energy while living an active lifestyle.  You can download my book free to learn more about what food does to your body

Exercise. Do what works. This shouldn’t be a chore after you’ve established the habit. It should be fun. You should look forward to it. If you are stagnant for too long you should crave movement. Exercise could take many forms. Challenge yourself but start where you are. If all you can muster is a daily 30 minute walk, do that. Build the habit. Run outside, get a yoga membership, hike, swing kettle bells, swim, climb walls. Set a goal for yourself to accomplish. Choose a new skill you want to work towards. When I was fat I started by walk/running. I would walk to a point then run around a milestone and back. Probably half a mile total. But I did it everyday or so. Then each time I would run a little farther before I turned around. I still remember how good it felt the first time I ran two miles! I kept raising the bar. I signed up for Tough Mudder knowing it would stretch me and give me something to train for. I got some minimalist shoes and worked up to running 8 miles a couple times a week. I added biking and swimming and did body weight exercise. I signed up for and completed triathlons. Training for these was great motivation. Movement is important. Your hormones are important. You’ll feel so much better with a consistent exercise practice. Now if I miss a couple days my body starts chirping at me to do some movement!


Meditate. This is huge. It slows your life down. Lets you choose how you react rather than living in reaction. Allows you time to put your life in a line. It connects you to higher wisdom. You gain new perspectives. I can’t overstate its benefits. Most successful people have some sort of meditation practice. Most texts suggest it. There is a reason. Make meditation a priority. Having diet and exercise dialed will make this easier.  Some apps that are good for starting are calm & headspace. I started by committing to a 30 day trial of meditating for 30 minutes a day while listening to bianural beats with stereo headphones. Hemisync and brainsync were downloadable for free on torrents from piratebay. These helped me achieve deeper brain states more quickly and realize meditations benefits in less time.  Do your best to make it a habit. Now I notice if I miss meditating for a couple days in a row. Its benefits go far beyond the time you spend sitting and spill powerfully into the rest of your life.


Stop Drinking Alcohol. This stuff destroys you. It’s not until you are out from under its grasp that you realize how detrimental it is to you and society as a whole. It keeps everyone in this lackadaisical slumber. People can’t hangout anymore without turning to alcohol as a social lubricant. It’s one of the most harmful things you can do to your energy, mood and vibration. We live in a society of drunks that pretend getting sloshed every weekend is a desirable norm. I stand as proof that you don’t have to drink to be social, dance, and have fun with your friends, as weird as that may seem at first. When I stopped drinking I worked in a bar and lived in Milwaukee. Drinking was a pinnacle of everything we did. Boating, drink. Going to the beach, drink. Hanging-out with friends, drink. Weekend activities? Drink. Sound familiar?


When I stopped I got lots of strange looks. I still hung-out with my friends. I still worked at the bar. I still went to the bars on the weekends. And sometimes during the weekday. It was awkward at first. People buy you shots, people ask why you aren’t drinking, you’re still coherent at bar close when everyone else is slurring their speech and stumbling out the door. But eventually people started saying how much they respected that I didn’t drink. They’d tell me they wished they didn’t drink so much. It’s like everyone’s doing it to look cool for everyone else because getting shitfaced is some social standard everyone’s trying to live up to without really knowing why. It was nice not having to battle the hangover the next day and the brain fog the few days after that. Then getting myself back for 3 days before ruing all my progress again that weekend.


At first I gave myself one drink ticket a month to use for special occasions where getting drunk would be awesome. Eventually I stopped wanting to drink all together and it became really easy to say no. Now I drink once and while. A glass of wine on a relaxing night, a craft beer here and there or once and a great while I’ll get smashed at some special occasion, regret it, and reinforce my desire to not drink.


Become Really Optimistic. Decide that the universe supports you. Know that everything that happens to you is a gift pointing you in the right direction. Choose to see the good in people. Try not to judge people. Or be negative. This drains your energy. Contently expose yourself to new empowering ideas. Tony robbins is good at amping you up. Podcats. Deepak chopra, wayne dyer, stuart wilde, Abraham hicks. Choose how you frame each situation based on how each perspective causes you to feel. If how you view something makes you feel bad see this as a sign that it is not in alignment with how your highest self would view that situation.   Try on a couple different perspectives until you find one that makes you feel good about the situation, event or person in question. Usually this involves finding understanding, compassion or unconditional love.


Notice when you are being negative and return to a feeling of gratitude and trust that you are supported by the universe in everything that happens to you. Take responsibility for situations. Know that everything external is a reflection of what you having going on inside. Thoughts are things! How you think, so shall you be. Pretend, if you have to, that everything you think is manifesting in your life. Notice your patterns of thoughts and the momentum they carry. Find thoughts that propel you into states of happiness, joy and enthusiasm. In moments when you can’t do that, find acceptance and peace. Or take a nap. If you have to go on a downward spiral and get it out of your system fine, but return to being grateful for what you have as soon as possible. You’re alive after all. How wonderful, beautiful and amazing is that?!


Audit the people you hang out with. Drop negative people. Read empowering motivating books. Set high standards for yourself. We have an amazing opportunity today to surround ourselves with people who are crushing life. They write books, they talk with other inspiring people on podcasts. These ideas will blow the lid off your current limitations. You become like the 5 people you hang out with most. If you are always hanging out with negative and broke people they will drag you down if you try to climb to new heights. Like crabs in the bucket. Their ideas will rub off on you and they will discourage any new goals you might have for yourself. They will mock any progress. If you have to drop your friend circle trust that new friends will find you that match your new vibration. Have patients.  Spend your new free time learning to love being alone. Listen to podcasts with inspiring people. Take on their energy and ideas instead. A couple favorites of mine are the Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Ferriss Podcast, James Altucher, and Smart Passive Income. If your current friend circle is dragging you down stop answering their calls and hang out with these innovators instead.


Stop watching the News!  You are highly influenced by what you are surrounding yourself with. Pull the weeds in your environment. News is nothing but fear and bullshit. It’s a propaganda machine owned by the same people messing up everything else. Whens the last time you had an intelligent conversation with someone who was informed by watching fox news?   Not to mention the constant commercials that are programming you with the consumer values they want you to have. They don’t spend billions of dollars shoving symbols in your face for no reason.  Refuse to let this stuff in. Read books instead. Watch a wide range of documentaries. If you have to ‘stay informed’ find alternative media like RT, but keep it at an arms length and realize %90 of the world is a beautiful place. Careful with TV, it can be a giant time suck. There are some amazing TV shows and movies to watch and I get that sports can be super exhilarating, just be careful.


Drink lots of fluoride free water. Educate yourself on the harmful effects of fluoride. The stuff they put in our water is a waste product of the nuclear power industry. The main ingredient in rat poison and pesticides.  Used in mind control experiments by the Nazis in WWII to make the prisoners more docile. It calcify the pineal glad or third eye, a major production center for amino acids,  rendering it useless. If that is hard to believe then simply look at the Harvard study that recently revealed that fluoride causes brain damage and lowers children’s IQ. The stuff builds up in your body. Even the small doses that are in your water accumulate over time. And here’s the kicker. Ingesting fluoride does not benefit your teeth, lol.


You need around 3 liters of water a day. A liter more then what is recommended. Water is huge.  Your body depends on it. Don Tolman talks about dehydration being responsible for most of our diseases. If you get headaches, its probably because you need more water. Dry lips? Drink more water. If you feel thirsty this is a LATE sign that you are not hydrated enough.  Make sure the water you drink is of high quality. I’ve been drinking reverse osmosis filtered water or getting spring water delivered for years now and I can no longer drink the stuff that comes out of the tap. It tastes chemically and leaves my mouth dry.  Buy water from the store that’s reverse osmosis filtered in 5 gallon jugs or rent it from a Culligan man type place.


Taking this to the next level, water is an amplifier. It will take on the vibration you give it. If you watch the news with your water it’ll take on that fear vibration which you’ll then ingest into your body. This is why people prey around their meals and bless their food before their eat. I heard a theory that this is why the placebo effect is so powerful because of the intention that gets put into the water people drink with their sugar pill, who knows. If you think I’m bullshitting you check out Emoto’s Water Experiment.


Take Supplements.  Three that everyone would benefit from taking are Fermented cod liver oil, Vitamin D3 and a ProbioticMSM (Organic Surfer) and Magnesium are very beneficial as well as many people are deficient in these. Our farming practices have depleted the soil of these nutrients making them hard to acquire from food alone. Try them out, see you how feel.  Iodine is in the same boat.  Eat as many greens as you can. Add fresh green juice to your diet or make kale smoothies. And/or take Athletic greens.  Eat lots of coconut oil, this stuff is super bomb for you. While we’re at it, eat real salt, Pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt instead of table salt which is stripped of all its nutrients. This salt is good for you and can actually lower blood pressure. Fancy that!


Avoid chemicals. Make your own deodorant with baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils instead of coating your glands with aluminum everyday for example. Sun screen is another one, this is causing more skin cancer than the sun does. Bug spray, shampoo, tooth paste, plastic containers. Modern conveniences are great and I’m not asking you to turn into a stinky hippy, just be aware of how much you’re using something because marketing made it a part of our culture. Like the De Beers diamond cartel did when they spent millions making people believe everyone needed diamond engagement rings. Be conscious, toxins disrupt your hormones and your hormones are really important to your highest functioning. Get into nature, breath clean air fresh off the trees.


Masturbate less or not at all. I can only speak to men here. Your sexual fluids take a lot of energy to create. Sexual energy is very powerful and best if not wasted. This was touched on in the Sexual Transmutation Chapter of Think and Grow Rich and can be found elaborated more deeply in Taoist Secrets of Love. It’s said it takes 1/3rd of your energy to replenish these fluids. Funnel this energy into creative outlets instead of depleting it. You’ll notice a new spunk in your step the longer you can hold on.


If I find myself slipping on any of these things I know I have gotten off balance and have to reduce my life back to the basics until I can balance again. It’s the canary in the coal mine for me. Dialing these areas in is a powerful practice. You will see them begin to transform your life in many ways. As you increase your energy and raise your frequency your external world will shift to reflect your new vibration. Do these things and you will find new levels of clarity and energy you didn’t know existed within yourself.

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  • FUCKING RIGHT ON!!!! You rock and are def my brother from another mother…..✊✌

  • Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

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