The Law Of Attraction

The Secret is the first look for many into that idea that we live in an attraction based universe.  That our thoughts become things.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is credited by many for waking them up to this perspective and allowing them to attract success into their lives.

The teacher whom I feel is on the leading edge of this philosophy is Ester Hicks aka Abraham. Her book Ask and It is Given is one best books I have ever read on this subject. She also has countless youtube videos that speak of the same philosophy again and again from different angles.

She talks about following our emotional guidance system to move in the direction of what we want. That it is our state of being that attracts the circumstances into our lives. If we are feeling poor we cannot attract prosperity. If we are feeling unloved we cannot attract love.

If we wish to change these circumstances in our lives we must focus in a way that helps us feel prosperous, only then can we  attract prosperity. We must learn to think loving thoughts and to love ourselves, only then can we attract a lover.

It can be quite a leap from living in a world where we must struggle and fight for our survival to experiencing one where everything we need is provided for us without effort. From a mindset of competition and scarcity to one of cooperation and abundance.

To cultivate the ability to live in the ‘what is’ with all of its wanted and unwanted. And to use the contrast we find to focus our self into sync with that which we desire rather than with the absence of it.