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About Travis

Travis is a father, a writer, researcher and entrepreneur. His mission is to help people connect with information that will enrich their lives.

He doesn't just talk the talk he lives it. He eats real food and puts his health and well being first. He knows he has to help himself if he wants to be of service to others.

Travis moved to Colorado in pursuit of adventure. Loves being in the outdoors hiking, climbing mountains, biking, camping, laughing, and building things.

An awoken soul raising the vibration of himself, his family and those who are open to it. If there is something in your life you want to improve contact him he'd love to help.

He's most proficient at health, diet and exercise. Great at relationships, making friends and bringing your authentic self to the world.



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Reticular Activating System: Using The Mind’s Autopilot To Accomplish Any Goal

Tune In Your Reticular Activating System Put your mind on autopilot to live the life you desire Most people experience the world though the input of their five senses. At any given moment there ...

venus project

The Venus Project – Future By Design

Imagine living in a peaceful, co-existing world where there is no need for money. Imagine being able to spend your time pursuing your true, divine reason(s) for being here. Imagine no longer ...

Lambs Ears bandaid

Grow Your Own Antibacterial Band-Aids

Homesteading has been on my mind a lot lately. Its one of those groves I’ll be researching more and more in preparation for acquiring my own lil dock of land to grow edible and medical ...


Playing Your A Game: The Flow State Explained

Let’s face it. We’re all pretty awesome. Especially if we narrow it down to a couple of things we love to do. We have talents and ability’s that sometimes shine while other ...

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Send me any little message your heart desires.

If you find your stuck in an area of your life, send me a questions. Generally I can give some pretty good advice.

Especially if it has to do with living healthier, diet, exercise, and relationships.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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