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About Travis

Travis is a father, a writer, researcher and entrepreneur. His mission is to help people connect with information that will enrich their lives.

He doesn't just talk the talk he lives it. He eats real food and puts his health and well being first. He knows he has to help himself if he wants to be of service to others.

Travis moved to Colorado in pursuit of adventure. Loves being in the outdoors hiking, climbing mountains, biking, camping, laughing, and building things.

An awoken soul raising the vibration of himself, his family and those who are open to it. If there is something in your life you want to improve contact him he'd love to help.

He's most proficient at health, diet and exercise. Great at relationships, making friends and bringing your authentic self to the world.



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Found my favorite little stair case in Colorado yesterday. Miles worth of steps they call 'the incline.' Good little warmup for them upcoming 14ers this summer.

My First Niche Site Part 1: Choosing

I’ve been looking into starting a first niche site and attempting to rank it on Google for some time now. It can be a great way to earn multiple streams of passive income. I figure I ride the ...


Indiegogo 3D Printing Guide: The 3D Printers Of The Future

So I’m pretty obsessed with 3D printing right now. I’ve been devouring trends and investigating companies. Ive found that a great way to keep up with what’s coming is by looking ...

Finished Omelet

How To Cook Worlds Best Omelet

WARNING: :Learning this technique will render restaurant omelets useless. I promise you after you learn to make omelets this way the stuff you could order cannot compare. You will choose ...

Orange Coconut Cajun Chicken

How To Cook Orange Coconut Cajun Chicken (Video)

This is the best Cajun Chicken Recipe your family will ever lay their tongue on. It’s made with real food ingredients making it weight loss friendly and packed full of nutrients. It’s ...

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Send me any little message your heart desires.

If you find your stuck in an area of your life, send me a questions. Generally I can give some pretty good advice.

Especially if it has to do with living healthier, diet, exercise, and relationships.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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