Health is your ideal state of natural being. Strong and free of disease.


To maintain perfect health It is necessary to lay down a foundation of health in your life. You must create an environment within your body that will simply prevent the onset of any kind of disease whatsoever.


Curing and ridding disease is pointless until you utilize these following 6 principles in your life. Once maintained your body will not be susceptible to disease.



Get the bodies full requirement of oxygen. This is more difficult because of our polluted environment. Attempt to live in a clean environment. Oxygenate your system with yoga, restful meditation, exercise, deep breathing exercises and consciously taking in deep breaths throughout the day.



Do you have enough water? You are made up physically of mostly water. Many diseases are nothing more than the symptoms of dehydration. If you have insufficient water, your cells may cease to become electrically conductive. Your body can no longer filter and flush out toxins and your systems will begin to shut down.

Generally, drink 1 to 2 Quarts of water per day. Everyone is different. Understand that if you are actually thirsty this is your body’s FINAL SIGNAL that you do not have enough water. You would rarely be thirsty if you had proper hydration.



Movement allows the body to pump the body and use the water to flush toxins. Movement allows your body to transport nutrients and building blocks. It creates a movement of energy and clears blockages.

Move everyday. Stand at your desk instead of sitting. Walk around your block at sundown. Do some pullups on a tree branch. Work up a sweat a couple of times a week or more.  Run. Hike. Go on a bike ride. Play a sport or do 100 pushups.



Many disease symptoms are nothing more than a reflection of stress in your life. If there is something that does not serve you, let it go.  Any holes will be filled with something more representative of your highest self.



Remove toxins from the environment. Remove heavy metals from your body. Stop ingesting pesticides. Eat organic. Remove fluoride from water. Care about what you put in your body.



Lighten your diet by eating more vegetables, both raw and fresh, and as organic as possible. This will rehydrate you and clean up your energy. Many protein meat substances are laden with toxins. Eat sparingly and from good sources. The better your food, the more capable it is of energizing you and the less your body will need.


These Ideas are the foundation of health. These 6 ideas alone will eliminate almost any chance you have of contracting any disease in your life. If you do have a disease, look closely at each of these areas and you will likely find blockages in nearly every one of them.


You will live with perfect health by enhancing and maintaining these 6 fundamental principles.

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