Growing up I built a lot of tree forts. During high school my passions were hockey and competitive online video games. In college I spent my time taking pre-med, nursing, psychology, and communications classes. Off-hours were spent playing online poker professionally and consuming every self-improvement book I could get my hands on. I became inspired by entrepreneurship.

I started different LLCs, crafted business plans, met with bankers for loans, drafted contracts with lawyers, found property with realtors, beautified my vision with designers, and met regularly with one of Madison’s top advertisers.

A passion for fitness and nutrition began to develop as an inevitable result of my continuous consumption of self-improvement books. I locked in my mindset. I found my ideal diet, and I experimented with ways of getting stronger. As my experience grew and my knowledge solidified, I took on clients. Getting results felt fantastic.

I wrote and published books. I outsourced software, outbound-call services, graphic design, and information products. I have the ability to use Photoshop, edit video with Sony Vegas Pro and configure sound with Mixcraft 6. Online gaming in high school has kept computers close to my heart.

I have directed and produced videos for YouTube, created content for blogs, launched websites, interviewed people for podcasts, published to iTunes, produced over 50 books for Amazon and marketed affiliate products across the internet. I have experience in copywriting, list-building, internet marketing, SEO, and crafting email campaigns.

My intention is to bring products and services to market that help people stay healthy, be strong, feel good, and improve their relationships. As my connections and leverage grow, I will take on bigger projects.

I will continue to pursue passions in artificial intelligence, robotics, UAVs, and 3D-printing. I will aim to increase the world’s access to renewable energy. I want to help rewrite the way we educate ourselves. I see great value in automating jobs to free people up to follow their passions, and I would like to aid in the construction of a ‘Venus project’-like city or community.

If you want to pick my brain or have a project you think I might find passion in, contact me.

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