The tagline for this blog comes from how I feel I live my life.

I use the term “sacred cows” as an analogy for societies morals, beliefs, systems, and laws. Anything that people accept as a belief is a sacred cow. “Sacred cows” are often interwoven with many other beliefs that make them hard to challenge or question.

For example, our beliefs around the foods we consume, or how the standard education system is set up is a very well known sacred cow .  The ideas that free energy is impossible,  our history taught in schools must be true , and  that a monetary system is necessary for our country are more widely accepted sacred cows.

I dance on the heads of these sacred cows because  I have fun with them rather than taking them too seriously. I realize they are all going to change form in the coming years, as we realize that we are all on this earth together. The borders and separations between us are only in our minds. The the future is full of wonders and innovation that we cannot currently comprehend.

This site is a place for me to catalog my experience and share the things I learn along the way. I hope someday people can enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.