The Prescription:

30 Days Of staring at yourself in a mirror.

You know what it will do?


Change your life…


You know how?


Once you penetrate through the silliness. Past the layer of discomfort.  Through the layer of doubt, disgust and disrespect. Once you get back the layer of kindness and positivity. After a short while.  You can look yourself right in the fucking eye.

Know what happens after that?

You get real with yourself.   You get real with all the places you were being a little bitch to yourself, and to all the places you are crushing it super hard with yourself.


Then it’ll go away, for awhile.


But you’ll stick with it for 10-30 minutes a day. And you’ll keep going deeper. Keep looking yourself in the eye more.

Once you see it.


It can’t leave  forever. You’ll see you again.


And in time, as that connection strengthens. you will (possibly for the first time in your life) begin to accept yourself, to appreciate yourself. And, right at the moment of your death into that mirror.  You will Love Yourself. And you’ll know bliss again.