Three simple things can give you dramatically more focus, boost your ram and attention span, increase your ability to recall information, access memories, raise your vibration to higher more positive frequencies and massively increase your wizard powers bringing to you prosperity and wellness. The first of these has dramatically increased my ability to listen and focus in class. It has helped me to more consistently recall information for tests, conversations and interviews. It keeps me calm when bumping into life’s hiccups and even helped me enjoy art on a deeper level. Welcome to meditation on steroids.

Binural Beat Meditation
Binaural Beat Meditation

1. Power UP Using Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are brainwave entrainment patterns designed to put your mind quickly into different meditative states. Traditional meditation can be very difficult to learn and take years to see much progress. Using binaural beats amplifies your ability to reach the same states as someone who has devoted a lifetime to meditation. In time you can choose to access states traditionally available only to those taking psychoactive plant medicines.

All it requires is a pair of stereo headphones. Out of the many I’ve tried, the Sony MDR7506 are my favorite. They are under $100. They are comfortable to wear,  sound amazing.  and the top part doesn’t cause the top of your head to hurt after an hour like some others. GG Sony.

The next thing you will need are the sound tracks.  Brain Sync by Kelly Howell is very good: specifically brain power and deep incite. You can pick the ones that match what you’re looking for and listen to them any time. Hemi sync is also very good. They have a series called hemi sync gate way experience. This series guides you deeper into the wizard journey each day. I’ve had some of the most profound realizations and synchronicities while going through this series. I’ve experienced some incredible experiences as well as profound enhancements to my awareness. However, the program is expensive so you may opt to get it on pirate bay.

Start with whatever you’re comfortable with — this could be 10 minutes a day. Then gradually increase your time each day. Aim for 30minutes – 1 hour each day in one chunk or in divided doses. Make sure to use them every day for at least 30 days to build some momentum. In this time, the changes to your life will be so noticeable you’ll never want to go another day without them. Try me.

To take this to the another level. Try 30 consecutive days in a float tank. The simplicity of the next thing makes it easy to overlook. But do not underestimate the power of the use of energy in the places you frequent.

Sri Yauntra

2.  Raise Your Energy With Sri Yantras

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I printed off three black and white Sri Yantras and taped them on the walls of my room and office after watching Amish Shah’s Kickin’ It and Bendin’ Reality Google hangout. In it he said surrounding yourself with symbols would drastically change your life in marvelous ways. That was a year ago.

The shifts made in that time have been some of the most positive changes of my life. I’m now living with the person of my dreams and we’re having a kid together. We moved out of the city of Denver next to one of my favorite towns in the world. I’m living in an amazing apartment surrounded by everything I could ask for to stay fit and active. We landed in the absolute best place in the complex. The list goes on. The momentum may have been steering me this way but I’m confident the presence of the Sri Yautras and other sacred geometry greatly amplified the positive energies involved.

To take this to the next level dive in and learn more about sacred geometry by watching the spirit science movie, reading Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book or best of all by drawing it yourself!!!

Magical Earth Potions
Magical Earth Potions

3. Drink Magical Earth Potions

In the same way body builders need massive amounts of protein to grow big muscles, wizards need fuel for their heart and mind to send and receive signals — Aka cast spells.

Juicing and or blending greens every day ensures that we keep a consistent intake of optimal quantities of nutrients.  This is like the copper wire that ties together the electrical circuitry of the wizarding world.


Change your blend based on what your goals are.  It’s good to start with a base of potent greens like Spanish kale, herbs and wheat grass.  Add some softer greens such as cucumber and celery.  Then add some good root vegetables like carrots and beats.  Then top it off with some turmeric or ginger and sweeten it  with a couple apples or an orange.  One of these a day will keep you well amplified and will make sure you maintain the optimal Ph balance for electrical activity.


To level up your earth potion, there are many supplements you can add.  Cocao powder is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants; Maca powder helps you feel like a warrior. Coconut oil and flax oil are super healthy fats. Chia seeds, flax seeds, bee pollen, hemp seeds all level up your gaia in their own special ways.  Choose wisely and don’t over do it.


Download some binaural beats, start surrounding yourself with positive vibrations and continually provide your body with the earth foods it needs and watch powers unfold you never even imagined you could have.

I’m curious to know if you’ve tried any of these things and what kind of improvements you’ve seen. If not, let me know if you need any help on your journey!