So I’m pretty obsessed with 3D printing right now. I’ve been devouring trends and investigating companies. Ive found that a great way to keep up with what’s coming is by looking into the top campaigns on indiegogo that are getting funded right now.

Below is a list of many projects that have come to completion and one that is still open to bid on! Hopefully my new printer comes right on schedule in November 🙂 Without further ado. The hottest 3D printers in the pipeline include:

New Matter makes 3D printing easy for only $249.  Their indigogo campaign raised $683,804 almost doubling their goal of $375k.  Quality prints, easy setup and super affordable price make this printer a consumers wet dream. Estimated ship date is May, 2015.

Features: 6x4x5in build volume, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 software selectable resolution, Material: PLA filament, New Matter Store Software innovation.

The Peachy Printer boasted that it is the worlds first $100 3D Printer & Scanner.  The campaign raised $74,167 of its $50k goal. They also raised $126k on Backerkit and $651k on Kickstarter. The thing basically fits in the palm of your hand. It has apparently unlimited build volume at high resolution.  This is unlike any 3D printer you will find on the market today.  I sure hope it works.

The Rapide Lite is one of the printer I am most excited about. The campaign is still open at the time of this writing. If you order by October 30th you get the thing for dead cheap. It’s quality is top notch with a 50 micron resolution and it will be available at 200mm (7.8in) @$1k with one print head, 350mm (13.7in) @$2.5k with 2 print heads allowing faster print times and multiple colors and 500mm (19.6in) @$8k with 3 print heads.  It raised $133,989 of its $15,000 goal. The product will ship (assembled or in a kit) from November 2014 to march 2015. Oh and did I mention all the different materials it’s compatible with? I love different materials.

Craftbot is a $399-$499 printer that comes with a 3D slicer. The campaign raised $245,547 of its $40k goal.  It has an 8x10x8in print volume and high quality 100 micron resolution.  Pla, Abs, Nylon. Free software. Sexy color options.

eMaker Huxley 3D printer kit raised $158,685 of their desired $30k with a rather shabby campaign. The guy’s holding his camera in his hand and his print bed is held together with paper clips making the video distracting at best. This open source option has a 140x140x110mm build volume, prints in ABS and PLA, headed build surface and a resolution of 0.0125mm. I must be missing somthing…

The Blacksmith Genesis ($1,200) is another unique spin on threedeeprinting. It has a round rotating build area that spins to double as a 3D Scanner. Just place the object you want to copy inside, scan and print yourself an exact copy.  The campaign raised 80k of its 75k goal. Build volume is 9.1 in Diameter and 6.3 inch high, 50-200 micron resolution and a camera to monitor the  print from your cell phone.

And the last printer that is worth posting about is the Mini MetalMaker. It allows you to 3D print with metal clay.  Sup new Jewelry?!  The campaign raised $34,874 of its $10,000 goal.   It’s a pretty cool concept. The resolution seems kinda shabby and it sounds like you have to kiln fire the components when they are complete.  Eventually you’ll be able to print whole electrical components and possibly even motors. This is one of those concepts I will be keeping an eye on.