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One Idea can Shift Your Entire Life

Epiphanies are more than ideas. They are insights into your specific situation that unlock achievements you didn’t see before. They allow you to transform your life in significant ways.

Do you remember your last epiphany?

Epiphanies set you on a new, higher course in your life. They help you overcome relationship problems, open up new sources of revenue and help you to get back on track with your highest calling.

I have a select group of people I help have epiphanies on a consistent basis. This page is an invite to that exclusive group.

Epiphany sessions are currently sold for $300/hour phone call. But, from this form, you can get your first session completely FREE by choosing a time in the calendar below.

Gain insight into your blind spots, see what’s stopping you from reaching higher levels of fulfilment, find your dream job or know exactly what it takes to get into your dream relationships.

These epiphany calls are like coaching on steroids. I’m so confident in my ability to deliver profound insights that I offer an epiphany guarantee on each call.

If you don’t get a major epiphany during any session the call is completely free.

I know exactly how powerful and life changing these calls can be. That’s why I want to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

I only have availability Tuesdays and Wednesdays so make sure you sign up today.

I have deep insight into overcoming personal obstacles, reaching higher levels of energy and excitement, creating passive income streams,doing what you love and getting into and maintaining harmonious relationships.

If you think an epiphany might help take your life to another level, please sign up for your free call below.


Travis helped me find passive income that pays me as I stay in countries around the world for months at a time. The man is brilliant.

Nick Voth – Professional World Traveler

Travis helped me dig deep. He helped me have more confidence and find a job I could have only dreamed of.   Thank you Travis! I would have been lost without you!

Jordan Crisman – Gamer, Father of three

Travis continues to motivate me to become my best self, giving me REAL support to help me along the way. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone looking for a meaningful life transformation.

Kendall Sypult – Dog Whisperer

Travis is the guy who can take the same phrase you’ve heard for years on end but spin it into a completely different perspective that makes even more sense. A great coach, mentor and friend.

Shelby Flinn – Sales Superstar

Schedule Your FREE 60 Minute Epiphany Call Below