You’re going to lose your job and it is going to be awesome.

It’s also going to happen way sooner than you think.

Robotics and artificial intelligence is nearing the point where it will replace the majority of the work force. Think your job is safe? Think again. It’s going to become necessary for people’s needs to be met by the workforce that is replacing people.

Along with the job market’s collapse, the paradigm we live will shift drastically. Your money will not buy things. You’re government will not exist to solve your problems for you (read: create problems for you). They money you spent your whole life trying to accumulate will be worthless. And it could happen within the next 5 years.

You might not realize it at first. But…

This is going to be awesome.

You might think “We’ll be free to do what we will we get money to buy food and shit?”

Good question.

You will be paid for being alive.

The workforce WILL CONTINUE TO lose out to lower cost, higher productivity alternatives. In the same way horses lost their jobs to the automobile. The rate is accelerating rapidly. As the current control paradigm continues to collapse the productivity will enable us to live in true abundance. All of our basic needs will be fulfilled.

Alien’s look at us and scratch their heads with their giant claws about how we have to pay property tax in order to live on the place we were born to. What in the hell kind of a system is that?

The government isn’t going to exist. At least not in anything resembling its current form. We will most likely restructure the world economy based on its resources. People will begin to realize that were all on this planet together. That passports and country lines will become ridiculous. You’ll be free to go anywhere you like on the planet. You probably think I’m just dreaming don’t you?

It’s crazy to think about

With us not being able to work, what use will we have?

But we’re not born onto this planet as a result of trillions of things that went right in a row to wake up and go to work. We’re here to play. To love. To sing. To express ourselves and to expand.

The people in power hate that this is happening. They are clinging to the old paradigm claw tooth and nail. And just like the last time their brilliant little Federal Reserve system was about to collapse they are attempting to start another war.

The media shows images of people in giant orange jump suits about to be beheaded with a dull knife followed by a ditch of people getting mowed down by a machine gun.

What’s the point of this? Is it to ‘inform people about what’s going on in the world’?

Not when the United States (Read: NWO, Cabal, Illuminati, Babylon) are the people who literally created the very threat they are trying to tell us we need to be fighting.

They created Isis as part of the plan to make everyone afraid so they would back the next world war. The money system of the world is falling apart again. The only way to keep the illusion alive is to destroy a bunch of shit so they can spend money and keep the infinite growth paradigm alive.

The propaganda machine is already falling apart. The internet makes it much easier to discover the deceit. Younger generations don’t believe the bullshit they try to tell us in the news anymore. Black flag operations used to take decades to discover. After 911 it took three years to figure out the truth. MH17 was discovered to be war propaganda within the day.

The shift is happening. If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve probably already felt it. When we’re not forced to ‘work’ in order to put ‘food on the table’ we’ll be free to pursue the things we love.

You might think “WONT PEOPLE JUST BE LAZY!?!”

But much of this ‘laziness’ is just them avoiding the stress of dealing with not having the ability to live life on their own terms. Once your basic needs are provided to you by an overabundant society your focus will shift. We will actually be more productive in my opinion.

People wouldn’t be motivated by a need to feed their family. Their motivation would change to one of following their highest excitement. Spending every day choosing between different activities they loved. Laziness wouldn’t exist in a world of unlimited possibilities. We’ll be to busy living!

The way you choose a ‘career’ would completely change. Someone would become a doctor because they loved helping people become well. Not because they thought it would put them in a big house at the envy of their friends. These are not good reasons for choosing how to spend your life. The results that come from these motivations do not serve us. It takes one look at the current state of our health to realize that. Our motivations and intentions are all screwed up right now. We have to remember that the system is a reflection of us. And it will change just as our perspective changes.

I love you,



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