It’s no secret the NSA is recording and logging ALL of our data.  Everything you say online, conversations from your cell phone, where you use your credit card, what you buy, the frequency you talk with different people, the tones of your conversation, the words you use. It is all being logged and sorted by the government in a building 3x bigger than the CIA.
NSA Headquarters
NSA Headquarters
Not only is the government using it to “fight terrorism.” That data is big business.  Google maps is tracking your every move. Valuations of companies like Facebook depend on their huge store of user data. There is a multibillion dollar industry revolved around collecting, sorting and selling your data.
Not only is the government logging every activity you’ve ever done electronically. It’s using that information to determine your insurance coverage, rank you as a threat, and even to PREVENT you from committing crimes or staring protests.  People actually got locked up and jailed during royal wedding celebrations in Briton because they talked about dressing up and having a parade.
We take all the free programs we get to use online for granted. We happily agree to the terms and conditions that no one reads. Companies are making a fortune with devices that hack and download our cellphone pictures, texts and Face-time messages.  Microsoft is most likely spying on us through it’s Xbox connect. I wouldn’t be surprised if apple has the microphone on your iPhone listening to conversations you’re having offline at home with your kids.
Right now this seems like a massive invasion of our privacy by the hand of a bunch of assholes that control our government.  But as time passes this is going to turn into a very valuable asset for humanity.  As it gets cheaper to collect and sort the data it’s availability will reach the masses. When start-ups , as well as giant corporations have access to this data everything will begin to change. As the paradigm shifts  from this fear based way of running things into one based on well being and love we will begin to use this data in astonishing ways.
Think about the massive longitudinal studies you will be able to run when you have massive amounts of days points on large numbers of the population for their entire lives. To know where a person shops, what they eat, who their friends are, the tone of their conversations, the frequency of their moods, their top priorities and basic motivations. Along with the ability to graph and compare these data points to millions of other people.
We will come to answer of some of humanities most pressing problems. We will be able to compare people’s environment, moods, and diet with their outcomes on a massive scale. We will be able to discover the links behind things like the rising rate of autism or causes behind ALS.  People with certain types of cancer will be able to identify what people in their same situation did to prolong their lives.
We will be able align with the decisions that others made who have achieved the outcomes we desire by mimicking their behaviors.  The kinds of thoughts they filled their minds with, the people they surrounded themselves with, what they ate or avoided eating, or the frequency with which they trained.
Anything you want to become (or avoid becoming) will be illuminated through the behaviors of millions of people who have come before you.  Each specific area of their life coordinated with thousands of others who have accomplished similar goals.  Timelines and projections accurately laid out for you based on what you do, who you talk to and how you think about the world.  It will become simple to mimic the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes of the people who achieved the outcomes you desire.
It seems like a really scary thing because of the small minority of seemly evil people who are accessing and using our data at this time. The supercomputers they likely have scanning over this blog post and labeling me into categories based on their secret interests.  As our world becomes increasingly transparent, the people at the NSA will be watched in the same way they are doing the watching.
People will be held accountable for their actions and their thinking. Flaws will be seen as universal and accepted. A new age of integrity and authenticity will arise. We are no longer going to be able to disguise ourselves.  Our motivations will be transparent, our goals will be mappable, our flaws will be accepted as human.
Your whole life will be turned into a MMORPG game that logs your actions, analyzes your goals and rewards you for adjusting your behavior.  Badges and metals will be awarded to you for your achievements.  Employers will have the ability to scan the world for exactly the type of people who fit what their looking for. Pay will be based on how well you are meeting your objectives. The top players in the game will be the people our world looks up to as leaders and innovators.
 Privacy is dead.  It’s time for us to embrace this fact. To start using the massive data we have on ourselves for good. Rather than snooping around old text messages like a jealous high-school lover.