Beware. Once you make an omelet this way you’ll never be able to order one at a restaurant again. The flabby eggs stuffed with ingredients will leave your taste buds wishing you would have just made breakfast at home.

I learned this technique working for a brilliant chef back in Wisconsin. Cooking the ingredients right into the egg leaves a far superior flavor profile than simply folding them in like a wrap, the way you see it done at most breakfast restaurants. It’ll be a good day when the world wakes up to this technique.  I promise to play my part in spreading the awareness.

This is my go to breakfast. Pretty much every morning I start my days with a variation of this. The nutrient density gives me the energy I need to function optimally both physically and mentally. It’s full of nutrients, healthy fat and good carbs. It tastes fantastic and is easy to make. The flair involved makes it a great dish to impress guests who spent the night, and there are so many ways to add variety to punch the taste buds. Change the cheese,  use different ingredients, add or remove brussels sprouts or another vegetable from the sweet potato mix. YOU NAME IT!>  Without further ado,  the how to.

You’re going to need a larger 12″ skillet to spread out the sweet potato mix and an 8″ omelet pan to flip the omelet.

I like to chop the sweet potatoes into small ass slivers so they brown nicely, soak up the coconut oil and melt in your mouth.  Chop the ends off the brussels sprouts and cut them in half so they brown easier as well.  IMG_3375Toss that concoction in a slathering of coconut oil and let it rain on medium high heat. I like to brown it but not burn it.  Next, chop up the desired omelet ingredients to add to your 8″ omelet pan with a tablespoon of Kerry gold grass-fed butter.  #healthyfat

Omelet start

I used mushrooms, green peppers and green onions.  I added some sea salt and let it cook down over medium heat. This couple minutes leaves you time to ‘work clean’ tidy your mess and/or make yourself a pot of coffee.

IMG_3379Let the omelet ingredients cook down  for about 5 minutes until soft.


Then beat and add the eggs. I used 4 but it depends on the size of the eggs and vastness of your hunger. More than 4 and it becomes harder to flip.  Remember cage free is the way to be. Experiment with different kinds of eggs to find the ones with the deepest color.


Beat the eggs and add them to the omelet pan. Let them cook until they begin to change to a lighter color around the edges. Then use your spatula to pick up the sides of the omelet and tilt in the uncooked egg from the top underneath to the bottom. This makes sure the omelet cooks all the way through and egg doesn’t go flying when you flip it.


It’ll start to transform into some kinda delicious egg cake paddy just wiggling around on the middle of the pan. Once the egg on the top no longer runs around like a pool of water its time to flip.

IMG_3383This step can take some practice and a little bit of courage.  It’s a similar movement to flipping ingredients to stir them.  I’ve heard its good practice to put some beans in a pan off heat and just practice stirring them about with a flip motion without losing them.  In the end you’re only a couple chopped omelets and minor messes away from learning a life-long skill you can impress friends and family with.

IMG_3384 IMG_3389 IMG_3394 IMG_3395

Once the omelet has landed safely onto its other side to brown, it’s time to add the cheese. (optional if avoiding dairy, I recommend aged and/or raw milk cheese as it has less stuff your body might not like.)

Something about watching the graded cheese melt into the omelet fills me with a sense of joy. Omelet cheese

As the cheese melts, your sweet potato mix should be about cooked.

Sweet potatoTo plate the omelet, slide half way off the pan onto the plate and lift up. This motion should cause the omelet to fold over onto itself and submerge and melt the cheese between layers of delicious egg.

IMG_3404 IMG_3405 IMG_3406I like to sea salt the potatoes and add a chunk of grass-fed butter.  Then I put it in-front of me and just stare at it.

Breakfast Omelet




Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’re successful with the flip or if you have any questions regarding the clarity of my directions!  May the rest of your breakfasts be both delicious and dense in nutrients.

Best of luck 🙂