Vaccines are all the rage these days.

The medical professionals yell about looking at the studies and following good science.

The school system and preschool programs require vaccination.

Mothers are all afraid that some other ‘unvaccinated child will infect their baby with a disease that is completely preventable.’

People say its better to be ‘safe than sorry.’  That their doctor and friends do it,  so you should to.  They make you feel bad for putting children who are too young to be vaccinated or unable because of a weakened immune system at risk for you selfish reasons.

I tend to take a different approach.  I think the evidence for the basis of the decision should be gathered in conjunction to the reality you feel structures the world you most likley live in.

Simply ask yourself how you feel the world is most likely ran. Is the world is pretty much like what we’re told? Is the whole system set up intelligently with our best interests in mind?  Do our school teach us an accurate version of our history? We’d like to hope so.

Do the doctors receive the most up-to-date education from sources with no vested interest in the outcomes of their collective belief? Do they Review only non-bias and completely objective studies?  Then its probably pretty smart to listen to them.

Is the president elected by the people for the people and always have the ability to follow through on his campaign promises?  Is it safe to say hes a good guy with only our best interests in mind? For the most part, is the system set up to help us thrive?  Everyone looks pretty healthy to me.

In this case the choice becomes pretty obvious. You should get yourself and your children vaccinated. It’s what our doctors and nurses tell us to do and it’s potentially very dangerous not to.

But what if we viewed the world in a slightly different way?  What if we entertained the possibility that a small group of Jesuits and non-human hominids have total control of the world? What if they use strategic ploys to make us more docile and easier to control. To coheres us into wars and fear based thinking.  

What if this small group had control of the banks, the political system, science’s research grants, the media, religion, the education system, the NSA, the pharmaceutical industry, ect.

What if they had an agenda of total control of the world and all her people.  What if they planned to reduce the worlds population and microchip it’s inhabitants?

Could they be misinforming our professionals and fabricating studies? Would they be using mass vaccinations of the human population for good reasons? 

If they fluoridate our water, spray chemicals in our sky and genetically modifying our food could they be tainting our vaccines? Could they be experimenting on our children to start a super race of immortal beings that can fly at light speeds throughout the cosmos and spread their universal plan of indoctrination and lies?!

In this case you should probably stay away from the hurd on this slaughter and choose not to ever let ‘Them’ stick anything in or around your body or the body of your loved ones.

Now it gets tricky when you lie somewhere in the middle.  Now you should probably click around a couple more times on the internet and confuse yourself even more. Get yourself super educated so you can make the most informed decision. But remember the further you lean to one side or the other the easier your decision becomes. So if you cant find enough information on vaccinations you can always start looking into aliens.

Some of us non-drinkers might find the time to review scientific journals and look over a few studies.

If we’re drinkers we might settle for looking at some graphs to help us evaluate vaccines effectiveness.

Historical Vaccine Graphs
Historical Vaccine Graphs

Movie goers could watch a bunch of documentaries about vaccines. Keeping in mind they were created by ‘people’ on one of the two sides. By ones under the spell of the evil cabal of alien masters or by the people who likely believe that there’s a small cabal of alien masters. Unfortunately, we still have to employ our own judgement.

The Greater Good Movie  TrailerTorrent Download

Vaccinatoin: The Hidden Truth Watch

Vaccine Nation Watch

Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccine Watch

Now for some good reading.

Here is a good article on research questions and finding resources you can trust HERE.

Here’s a well put together PDF that gives a wide breath of information HERE.

Natural News find 25,000 time higher mercury level in flu vaccine than EPA limit for water HERE. 100 times the Australian limit HERE.

This list of 10 vaccine Facts the CDC and vaccine industry doesn’t want you to know was illuminating.

American Scientific has an article called Straight talk about vaccination.

This article was too long for me to have read yet but it too gives another seemingly intelligent perspective on vaccines.

This lady has a sad story about growing up unvaccinated and being sick all the time HERE.

It tough to say. I still have some more research to do before I come to a definitive conclusion but If I had to choose right now, I’d choose not to vaccinate.


What way do you tend to lean on this issue and why?